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iPad Mini Screen Replacement Full Process Nothing Left Out)

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Marco Antonio Ribeiro Gonçalves says:

Hello. I followed your tutorial but my lcd screen stopped working, I have
done tests and iPad beeps, is recognized by itunes, but the lcd does not
work. There are no problems with the connector lcd with the mother board,
seems perfect. Can you give me some help?

Recardo Georgevich says:

Awesome 10+

Son Ho says:
raulc1993rc says:

what is the type of glue you used to paste the screen ?

scyther6666 says:

Great helping tutorial. I subbed in the first minute of watching it. Do you
ship to the UK as well? I am initialising self repair on three of my
devices and need screens mostly.

While prying open the glass slowly and using the heat gun on the adhesive,
how much force should be excreted on the glass pane? Should it come off on
its own or should slight force be excreted on the glass pane to help usher
it into the removing process? 

Harry Cowley says:

Thank god I watched your video !! The thing with the take tape off the old
screen and put it on the new screen was a saver ! All the work I would have
done would have been to waste !!

Witzeh says:

When I dropped my ipad mini I dropped it on the bottom left hand corner it
left a tiny dent on the housing.. Am I fucked or what?

Amila Nuwan says:

I’m going to try this hope i can do. if not i will kill you 😉 thank you

feuille12347565 says:

I keep wondering, did my sound stop working?

Xafer Franz says:

thanks for that great tutorial! it is the best!

TheNationsHome says:

The damaged Ipad screen is almost exactly the same damage my Ipad has!
Thank you so much for making this! 

Shawn LaFortune says:

I followed everything to the T. And when I got it all put back together the
touch screen just freaked out. It wouldn’t follow my gestures at all. Where
did I go wrong?

Tony Shorting says:

Is there a way to restore an ipad to factory settings if no touch functions

Amy Rodriguez says:

I recently repaired my ipad mini with your video. It was fairly easy.
Everything worked on it except one of the corners of the touch screen. What
should I do?

joseph barreto says:

thanks it worked

suntzu770 says:

Thanks for the video. However, after the replacement, half my screen
doesnt work. Ive got two vertical strips of grey/black each a quarter of
the screen wide. The touch function works great, even in the dead area.
And if I take a screenshot, the pic shows the entire screen. So I was
thinking either I damaged the LCD itself, or I possibly jacked up the
connector. You mentioned something about the backlight fuse also. At this
point I might as well attempt another repair, so I just wanted to see if
you had any ideas where the problem might be.

Linh Tran says:

text overlay block the actual disassebly…very studpid

Katrina Whitehorse says:

Mine works fine also until I peel the inside clear tape and seat it, until
then the screen goes crazy like someones randomly touching evrything, i
peeled off and trimed the foam at the bottom like others said to, this is
my 2nd screen i tried and same thing, now im told I need to tape off the
bottom part of the digitizer, my first repair was a success but the was
replacing the whole LCD as well as the digitizer, is the foam around the
old lcd causing the problem? And also I didnt know there was magnets, whats
the purpose of those? Because I threw the old one away thinking it was fine
since my first one was successful

Tyshon McDuffie says:

Im looking at every video and all i see in every last one of them fixing
the glass and the digitizer when i only want the glass fixed. So my
question is, do i only fix the glass without fixing the digitizer too?!

tyler wares says:

I just replaced my digitizer and it works fine until I seated it. Once it
was seated it went crazy opening up a bunch of apps randomly. I found that
when the left corner comes in contact with the audio jack it freaks out. Is
it a faulty digitizer or am I doing something wrong? Your feed back would
awesome, thanks!

Anthony Povoa says:

1:40 in the bag are those gold guitar picks

razorr662 says:

Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve just successfully replaced the touchscreen on
my iPad mini

feuille12347565 says:

Great video but I wish you would talk about all the little tips that would
instead of lot’s of dead air in places I know you could be adding hints.

G Man says:

nothing left out (Except for Audio) lol

Fraser Currie says:

why so serious

andrew mcneil says:

The best set of instructions on youtube by a long way

0to60tv says:

Boom…Thank you so much…easy to follow worked like a dream…managed to
flick two pieces of glass in my eye…:-)

Gary D Dunscombe says:

It cannot be stressed enough how careful you have to be when removing the
lcd it is very easy to damage, even though you don’t notice . This is a
very good video 

James Page says:

Thank you so much got my daughters ipad back to new

Billie Lee says:

My home button isn’t working on the replacement I got. Is it easy to re use
my old home button?

tccompaq says:

Used your video and replaced my daughters mini screen and works great until
she drooped it again and so I replaced the screen yet again with the help
of your video and it works perfectly lets hope three’s not a charm 

Rafael A Ocampo M says:

excellent instructions!!! thanks it worked perfect!!!

whiteangelviktoriya says:

I followed the video and all the instructions. But my screen acts a little
funny. I didn’t use epoxy so luckily I can still open it. It doesn’t act
completely crazy but starts randomly opening emails and apps then for a
while seems fine. I reopened it and checked. Everything is in place, and
magnets positioned in the right corners. Also right bottom corner seems to
be a little more elevated then the rest from having the cable under it.
Anybody has any suggestions?

ThatGuy says:

Nice tats faggot

everishes says:

I appreciate the video. I used a digitizer bought from another vendor
before seeing this video. When peeling back the tape at the bottom of the
lcd I exposed some copper, but apart from that it went well. On testing
there is a gray bar up the middle of the screen. The color is weak and
fades out to nothing over a few minutes. I tried relanding the connections
and tested again with the same result. It functioned fine before the
replacement except for the cover not turning it off. Still repairable?

Cierra Smith says:

I literally just finished repairing my ipad. Thank you so much for this
tutorial. It literally took me 5 hours to do this because it was my first
time doing anything like this. You have to be extremely cautious while
doing this. Thanks again. 

Darren Coxell says:

Hi just ibstalled a new screen in an ipad mini it work fine with the screen
lifted up slightly but when you lay the screen down it doesn’t the writing
jumps about not sure what to do other than stipping itdown again I did not
remove the digitalizer as couldnt quite see how to get it out any ideas

marcos flores says:
Vince B says:

love the tattoo…….one above your watch…Italia.

carposporophyte says:

god bless youtube.

Gabriel ThunderGlade says:

Will it lose your data or no

Mrnot sofat says:

Nice make one on iPhone 5s plz

ConvertibleJay says:

UGGHHHH!!! The lcd cracked when i was trying to pry it up. FUCKKK!!

Chad S says:

what temp did u set your solder gun??

Hector Alejandro Palma Villanueva says:

Excelente, lo hice, pero con dos detalles: 1) aparentemente el botón home
quedó mal, al apretarlo se bloquea la pantalla y 2) al introducir los
imanes la pantalla quedo un poco alta, al acomodarlo en la abolladura el
vidrio no se ajustaba bien y se rompió un poco, unos 2.5 cm :S, aunque no
se nota mucho, tuve que levantarlo y golpear un poco más la abolladura para
que ajustara bien, pero el daño ya estaba hecho. Por el momento no estoy
utilizando el botón home. Gracias, para aprender a veces son necesarias
estas cosas.

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