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ipad mini no power repair by change power ic – by MR.Zero

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Coming ..!!
How to change
emmc n7100 & emmc i9505 & emmc n9005 …
u2 charging ic for iphone 5 & 5s & 5c
wifi ic for 5s & 5c ……… etc


MARIJUANA Alex says:

Name song ?????

mee you says:

looks like u burned the board 😮

Gabriele Gallenti says:

Hey hey, The best info that I have noticed was on Volt daddy (just google it) Probably the most informative info on batteries and this that I have found.

Corey Wilmen says:

I done the same thing to my iPad today before I even watched this video, after slowly prying apart the iPad and changing the charging dock input, I noticed it was still unresponsive, so I took drastic measure and changed batteries, this time to a battery which I knew was charged. The screen flashed, I was on my way to having my iPad back, and then when I finally put it all back together. Same problem, I found the easiest way to solve this!! I stabbed it multiple times with a screw driver right in the centre of the scree, destroying it, and I have ordered a new iPad… Fun times.

Christopher Flig says:

how much does cost the chip?

adam85027 says:

There wasn't glue under chip ?

Sami Nafar says:

بارك الله فيك شو بروفيشونل !! Big like !!

mohamed zahran says:

الله يباركلك … شغل عالى تسلم ايدك

Petros Petr says:

i think i had the same problem. it was charging and then nothing. the tech here told me that one chip got fryied! is taht the same problem in the video? the same fix? cause we cant find chips here in greece…any help?

Andreas Pargulski says:

how much do you charge for the repair?

Lorenzo van het Hul says:

Song please. nice video

Uccio Arena says:

Hi, which temp have you used to remove power ic? thanks

Engin Ayata says:

thanks brother

Gsm Mithun Roy says:

you are absolute no 1

HZWJ , says:

nice work man

LearningZone says:

Your work is impressive dear mate. If you put your audio and explain things what you are going to do and put a little bit of diagnostics how to diagnose phones and decide for component replacement, it will enhance your work and will give great value to your videos. Regards,

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