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Ipad Mini 1st gen repair Tech MD

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www.techmd.bz Full details on how to repair a iPad mini.
You can buy the iPad Mini parts and repair tools here:
1. iPad Mini Digitizer: http://www.etradesupply.com/oem-apple-ipad-mini-digitizer-touch-screen-black.html?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf

2. iPad Mini LCD: http://www.etradesupply.com/oem-apple-ipad-mini-lcd-screen.html?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf

3. iPad Mini Digitizer with IC: http://www.etradesupply.com/apple-ipad-mini-digitizer-touch-screen-assembly-with-ic-board-black-21923.html?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf

4. iPad Mini replacement parts: http://www.etradesupply.com/apple/ipad/apple-ipad-mini.html?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf

5. Repair tools: http://www.etradesupply.com/accessories/accessories/repair-tools.html?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf
(If you buy parts from any of the above links, I can get small commission.)


James Huntley says:

I need to get myself one of those magnetic pads!! I am just starting to get into this business myself, I have mostly been working on software and OS issues my start tool kit I bought is kinda crappy(basic) but will get the job done and if I get some decent business I will be upgrading very soon, @Tech MD Youtube what would be the best all around kit I could get for most any and all devices, including PC and Laptops in your opinion? Looking forward tohopefully getting some good business in this area, I appreciate the videos subscribing for anything I might need some questions answered visually in the future!

MrNailum says:

Watched a bunch of videos for this repair and I must say, I like your video the best!

BudaBaba says:

I did everything as is and my touch wont do anything but the home button works , when i went to test it i think i mightve folded and creased the ic chip / digitizer cable , pls help me . I dont know if i should buy another ic chip or cable thingy or what

Jeffrey Diaz says:

This guy is not expirenced you are not supposed to cut the tape off and cut the screen

Barney Bristow says:

Excellent thank you

Jim Gardner says:

If you don't want to scratch the iPad, shouldn't you be working on a pad? Does your company approve of this video? If I'm paying half the value in the mini, I think I'd want a more careful Tech. Thanks for sharing.

Caralee Weber says:

so i followed the directions except the "very important" disconnecting of the battery. I watched 5 other videos that didn't mention it at all so I thought I was doing it all right. Can anyone suggest what needs to happen if it won't power back up now? Is it possible that a defective replacement screen/IC chip could cause it not to restart? Or did I fry the battery?

Nahin Uddin says:

Great I broke the LCD

Sophie D'Amato says:

What are the chances of breaking my iPad if I try replacing the LCD screen myself?

Jacob Eckstein says:


Shauny Vulcan says:

Thanks I fixed 20 iPads and 50 iPhone in two weeks

BudaBaba says:

I got my ipad fixed by some cheap repair shop and it cracked again but its under the top glass, the lcd is fine, but theres no response to touches and i took off my tempered glass protecter but i still cant feel the crack in the glass, will this work

Syed Akhlak Ahmed says:

I want to sell a fresh glass new from bangladesh
it bought from aliexpress

SincerelySara says:

Dont like him.

Quentin Eva says:

Replace digitizer and mon worked beautifully on Dri-Fit everything was great and then all the sudden hit power button to check it tap it again to unlock and all the sudden zero-touch response like none nothing didn't move anything didn't do anything simply rech up hit the power button hit again and all of the sudden no reaction from touch screen brand new digitizer so I guess I'm ordering another one see if that fixes it if you guys know of anything please please let me know

Stephen Walsh says:

Put a heat shield on the LCD

Dark Bolt says:

I am going to replace the display screen on my iPad mini

sramos0121 says:

Could I still call?

Shane Lathrop says:

it powered on before I started and when I got done it wouldn't turn on..any ideas?? could I have damaged the charging port

WolfRebel - Phones, Tablets, and More says:

i got one of these for free from my friend, so $50 to fix the Digitizer and LCD, this video, and a free iPad Mini with a broken LCD, WIN-WIN for me!

bashar albustami says:

what is the website?

Andre Thornhill says:

Thanks, man. Your instructions worked well for me.

iheart kokecupps says:

How can I ask you to do this how much is this in Philiphines lol

MaxximumRepairs says:

just wondering since you didnt use an oem screen then why didnt you put tape over the home button flex because i see a lot of issues with that?? just wondering if you ever have jumping issues??

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