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Ipad Iphone fixit How to fix update problems on IOS devices with hard reset

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things to try if you cant update system or apps in ipad, iphone and ipod touch devices


Josephine Bottger says:

Hey you did not mention on your video if i will loose all my photos on my ipad by doing a hard reset. Will they all be lost? I don't want to loose any of them. Reply please!

Laden Rodriguez says:

I have an old ipad that has a last update of 5.0 i bought it at a pawn shop. So i try to install netfix and youtube and it says it needs and update of 9.0 so i press ok and it takes me back to the software update menu but is says its allready update to 5.0 it want let me update to 9.0 need help

M Francis says:

Hi, does anyone know how "NOT" to update a particular app amongst the
list of apps ready for updating in the app store app, on your ihpone?

Center Storm says:

My ipad mini wont update software


It's just say CHEACKING for update and it doesn't show anything

Pingwin says:

Does it delete all the apps?!😱

Bailey Young says:

Thx you buddy boi

Josey Hufz says:

Wow finally something on youtube helped me lol thanks a lot bro

mortalstorm says:

Thanx. This resolved my issue with an ipad2.


Lol I couldn't update because when I press it brings me to the app

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