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iPad how to fix green static screen after drop.

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Is your iPad showing green pixel staic or a green messy screen after a drop? Myabe you didn’t drop it but still the colours seam to be mixed up and the Apple logo screen is almost completey green when you restart it? Don’t worry you can fix it easily.

My son drop his mothers iPad and it srated to show all the icons in a rainbow mix of random pixels I knew it must have been a loose internal cable and the fix was easy with.

My kids appear in the video including my son who wi known as swordsprite on youtube:

I hope you green pixel noise iPad get fixed by this easy solution!


isaria shuma says:

Thank u Andrew this really works, i am from Arusha Tanzani I dropped my ipad 9months ago n almost given up but after watching this and applied it turns on my ipad n i am supper happy

Kacee Kiskotagan says:

does it work with a white red yellow blue screen???

ZomBrine 267[iOS Tutorials and GamePlays] says:

Hi can you help me my ipad mini 2 have some grey lines and black lines trying to shake i just dropped it

Samuel James Espiritu says:

thank so much for this video!!! it worked!!!

キムジョアン says:


vado sosick says:

I have this same issue with my s3 is it the same Formula?

Jake O'Shea says:

Thank you so much! My iPad was knocked off my desk in work whilst it was charging and I was heartbroken, and alls it took was a quick youtube search, worked after one firm tap in the place you showed. I can't thank you enough mate!

Camilo Romero says:

Graciassssss en español, muchas Gracias, funciono totalmente

Sufferingpeak 93 says:

your a hero

Sufferingpeak 93 says:

it works for my samsung the only other thing i had to go was hit it everywhere

Miranda WillowBlood says:

Today I dropped my iPhone 6 of a counter top in my kitchen by accident, the screen has Gone fully green with blackish grey vertical lines, is my phone broke or is there a way to fix it?

Thirdy Facundo says:

Same problem, tried for multiple times but it won't work. So sad 🙁

Hamza Saeed says:

I have an iPad Air with the same problem except I have tried smacking it but it doesn't work. Got any advice ?

SavageLemons says:

Had to slap mine a few times but worked thanks

The Real MC3D says:

You look like the younger version of Steve Jobs.
T-thanks Steve.

Palitroche says:

?????… Funcionó!!!…. 1000 Gracias!!!!…. ???

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