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iPad Air Screen Replacement Repair Guide

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www.Repairsuniverse.com – Break the screen on your iPad Air? Learn how to take apart and replace a broken glass touch screen or LCD screen on your iPad Air yourself using this repair guide. The helpful repair techs at Repairs Universe walk you through the tear down process if the iPad Air and show you the steps needed to properly install a brand new LCD or Touch Screen Digitizer.

To find all of the parts and tools you need to fix your iPad Air Visit:

White Glass Touch Screen:

Black Glass Touch Screen:


Prying up the Touch Screen – 0:28

Removing the LCD Screen – 3:14

Disconnecting the Flex Cables – 4:18

Where to Apply New Adhesive – 5:28

Connecting a New Touch Screen – 6:20

Installing a New LCD Screen – 7:20

Final Re-Assembly – 9:20


RJ Red says:

If my screen is shattered, but I can still use the iPad, do I have to
remove the LCD still? Or can I just remove the screen and replace it?

Curtis Powell says:

Not too sure about the hot air gun temperature ……..

jacob marshall says:

where can I purchase the replacement screen?

Arggrag C says:

Were do I fix it at

The Restoration of Dr Who says:

Will you do a video on the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2?

jeet shah says:

If I have an ipad and drop it and cracks are ther and I still have my
warranty then can I still exchange my iPad Air 

ravndal15 says:

Nice of you to mention the home key needs replacing . There was no cable on
the outer screen I bought and now my home button doesn’t work. 

Clayton Brown says:

Ok so this is very complicated for me where is my best bet to go for some
one to repair it for me 

Fab Tup says:

The only thing missing is the glue needed to attach the new screen. There
is nothing on this video about any glue.

debo308 says:

If the screen is cracked do you have to remove the LCD underneath as well?
Mine broke recently and I’m planning on fixing it

yebbo00 says:

Great video

Tyler OneHorn says:

Awesome! I have a severely cracked iPad Air and I just ordered parts to fix
it. This video is amazingly helpful in fixing it! Thanks! 

peter19220 says:

Thank you very much for all the videos!
They’re very clerk and deatailed so they’re easy to follow!
This saves me a lot of money and time!

Aleja Vc says:

Hi ! How did you disconnect the battery first?

georgia mellor says:

Hi I have a quick question am replacing the digitizer I have done
everything correct but it won’t switch on now. None of it looks damage am
confuse, everything it tight and connected any ideas please?

Sean Rain says:

It did good

sazim patel says:


KenTop says:

I am a Chinese supplier, iPad Air touch screen $ 37.2, click on the link
AliExpress orders:

Sean Rain says:

I repaired my screen on March 24 but it cost 100 $ to get it repaired

mostafa rashwan says:

omg thxx

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