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iPad Air Screen Replacement – Full Repair Tutorial – iMobileRescue Inc

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http://www.imobilerescue.com/ipad-air-5-screen-repair/ – Ok folks! This is the full teardown and screen replacement for Apple’s new iPad Air, or iPad 5. It goes deep into the details that matter, giving you an HD upfront look at the screen replacement.


Mark Zie says:

I would think there should be an estimated time to apply heat. the same
adhesive is used on all of these screens so the time and temperature should
be easy to estimate.

Timothy Haun says:

please don’t chew gum in your videos

zackmahal says:

awesome! worked great, even the heart stopper when there was a plastic film
on the inside of the new screen after I sealed it worked out because I knew
how to get it back open. thanks!

George Pinkerton says:

There is a metal ring on the broken digitizer underneath the home button…
Do you know the purpose of it and if so how does it install?

zamir baas says:


do you need to disable the battery flex cable first before disassembling
the display, like the iPad mini? Or is this ipad like the ipad 2 etc..


FilmMakerMedia says:

What type of double sided tape did you use? 3M? Thanks!

rnspecfor says:

Awesome video, best I’ve seen. But really, listening to the sounds your
mouth makes while you’re chewing gum? Disgusting. Please drop the gum next

Patrick Jay says:

Be very careful when heating the button! I got mine too hot and it curled
up!. I had to buy the button. $3 plus $9 shipping, and another 3 weeks

Peter Diego says:

Do the world a favor – DROP THE GUM! when doing a presentation! :-)

Jan Nissen says:

I wanted to buy an iPad Air but my friends told me the screen is really bad
quality, cracks easily and sounds really hollow. After watching this video
I decided not to buy the ipad air.

Matt York says:

I do not do it often enough but… Good video and thanks. 

Jon Rojas says:

Where would you recommended I purchase the screen?

Seems Legit Films says:

When he touches the screen you can see the whole thing flex lol

Evan Davis says:

Next time you make a video, make one without your phone number / website
covering half the video so people can actually see what you are doing.

Jan Nissen says:

Own it like David did Goliath lol

KenTop says:

I am a Chinese supplier, iPad Air touchscreen $ 37.2, click on the link
AliExpress orders:

Seems Legit Films says:

This guy TALKS to his iPad, and the parts XD

Seems Legit Films says:

The screen is so thin that just touching it makes it bend 

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