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iPad Air Screen Repair Glass Replacement Video Tutorial How To

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Link to screen: https://www.gadgetmenders.com/ipad-air-black-replacement-screen-glass-digitizer.html

A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the front glass & digitizer screen assembly on the iPad Air. This tutorial also shows how to replace the LCD screen. Anyone with a little patience should be able to complete this repair on their own with the right tools.

This can correct:
-Cracked Glass
-Dead Spots in Touch Screen
-Cracked LCD

Parts and tools kits are available on our website.

Use coupon code “YouTube” for 5% off your order.


Ron Schaefer says:

great video. I do recommend getting a screen with the home button and camera bracket already installed – it is totally worth it.

Robert Macdonald says:

Brilliant demonstration.


Thanks! I could repair my iPad almost perfect by this video.

Eric says:

How long should the clamps be left on?


Omg thank you so much it worked

jorge m says:

hi, is this the A1566 model?

LellePrinter82 says:

I've got an iPad air from a friend without the glass, when I buy the new front glass, can I buy a separate home button aswell? Because it's missing. The LCD is not cracked only dirty. How can I clean it?

Rafael Dalben says:

Hi, after replacing the screen and home button on my iPad Air, my smart cover locks the iPad when i flip it to the Back, Do you know what could it be? Thanks

bangitsmom ! says:

Very nice video. Thank you!

SAY WHA? says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial! Now i wont get injuries when i play my ipad 🙂

Eddie Teddie says:

Thanks to this video I was able to repair my iPad Air.

Apple Care says:

Nếu ở TPHCM Bạn muốn thay mặt kính ipad thì đến 575 Lê Hồng Phong Quận 10 nhé. Apple Care 24h là trung tâm uy tín sửa iPad lâu năm.

David Money says:

I noticed one of the screws for the LCD is long than the other three. Where does the longer one go?

Jaime Roelandts says:

thank you. It helped me a lot. (and i could saw on your video where the cables went… something which is not always mentioned but realy important!)

Kg277 says:

Superglue out gasses and leaves a white fog. Bad advice on that.

Wayne crawford says:

great video, have performed many replacements but my first ipad air of course i tore the home button flex. should have watched this first.

Huby Adnan says:

are you shore this will work and hard work

Jermaine p says:

Not good …. Need to know how to remove shattered glass

Dilix idgaf says:

best tutorial, thanks a lot

majd daher says:

Why didn't you take out the home button spacer

Nukri Kardava says:

Why you did not use glue? I dont understand about glue. Also why you did not clean LCD?

HisDukeNess says:

Good vid.
I gotta see what best buy plan I got, but I feel I'm more then able to fix my screen if that dosnt pan out

junior garcia says:

Do u repair people divce

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