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Ipad air not charging repair

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Easy way ti solve ipad charging problem.


Nathgta09 says:

I think my iPad Air charging port is damaged. I'm using the official apple charger with the brick adapter it works perfectly fine with my iPhone but plugging it into my iPad I just get a "Not charging" message I have tried everything using different charger cables and adapters also the port is clean. Does anyone know what the price is to get this repaired I can't afford to spending hundreds just to get the charger port fixed

Addidas says:

If it doesn't work if u still clean it try hard restarting it

Planet 360/ drjake360 says:

When I put my charger in it suddenly charges and then stops straight after

Antoni Sarira says:

Thanks, it's works for me. No component replacement, big thanks 🙂

marten de vries says:

Turn of your ipad and push the home button and the on/off button at the same time for 10 seconds. This is a hard reset. It started charging again.

Angkul Keatphanon says:

Bro thanks this suprisingly worked

Jep Ezan says:

help me please. .. I have ipad air that only appears 0% battery when or without I changed. ..and sound don't come out WiFi also not working. … please help save my son Ipad. ..

shoaib chowdhury says:

nice work…

bismi entreprise says:

good work…

Venancio Tan says:

Thanks for the video.. I help on my Ipad… save me from repair…

jer dp says:

Thank you so much for this my 8yr old was soooo upset as we thought it would have to be taken to the store for fixin but came across your video n voila all fixed yayyyyyyyy thank you again very much appreciated

Jesse K says:

My charges for 2 seconds then says not charging

Brian From SA says:

cleaned my paper weight with a sanitizer wipe and it came back to life! thank you!

Glitter Kitten says:

my ipad mini 4 keeps dying on the charger when I'm not even using it!

Slime Hacker 360 says:

Guys if this doesn't work. Which I have not tested it. But if this dose not work try holding down on the Power button on iPad/iPhone/iPod and swipe Power Off and hold the Power button again and it will pop up the apple logo but if it dose not work. I did this with a iPad mini 2. It helped I watched this video from beginning to a start and now it says %9! Wow!

Hannah Blake says:

I ordered chargers from online, because my cat chewed the one that I got from apple. When I put the charger in my iPad it said "not charging" but when I left it to charge it would actually charge ;-;

Gerardo Camacho says:

thank I fix my ipad like that you arevthe best

RčM SH4Dow says:

That Really help Me!! Thanksss!


You are illegally using this song. If you don't tell me who made this song I will report this video for copyright issues.

Wazir Zada says:

thank you saved my life!

TeiganTalks says:

Try to make sure that your socket is turned on, I thought I had something wrong with my ipad since nothing worked. My brother turned off the switch when he took my charger

Ryan bekkar says:

thats only dust once a while happen ! we do charging port repair here if ant body need

ShorTee187 says:

@Ali- R Although this video is from last year, it has just saved my iPad. I have a 2 and a half year old iPad Air. Out of the blue last night, it suddenly refused to charge. I switched it off and back on normally, reset with the home and power button, all with no luck. I tried both again, with the cable plugged in and out, still no joy. By this time, I was on 3%. By chance I came across this video, tried it, got the little bit of lint out and plugged it in. Success! So happy as I've no money to buy the pro version until next year and bits of my dissertation work is saved in notes (those random moments when ideas pop into my head)! Thank you so, so much! 😀

XxLeafxX 42Oleafit360xxleafscopexx says:

I love that groovy name!
I pad air not charging repair

John Forrester says:

Apple should have to pay a class action lawsuit for this horrible design flaw

Mohammad Hamidi says:

background sound is very annoying

raydeen2k says:

I thought for a minute you were going to pull a rabbit out of that charging port. 😀

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