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iPad Air cracked screen repair

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From start to finish how to repair a cracked glass digitizer on a iPad Air
link to digitizer seal:


mrfootballman101 says:

What is the price for this repair? Like in a shop? Please reply! 

samuel villalobos says:

Go to Pentagon Mall

paul cheacker says:

Would like the same answer, cant seem to see it anyway. So where do you get

Oliver Saracino says:

really great video! you helped me a lot

Dennis Dixon says:

How do I remove smears from the lcd?

Tech Knewz says:

can i get a link to the adhesive /glue

Wathana Prak says:
Maarten Scheepmaker says:

What is the temp you are applying? (with an heat air sodering station it
could be easy to regulate to prevent damage by overheating)

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