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iPad Air Charging Port Replacement

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How to tear down your iPad Air, remove, and replace the charging port. NOT FOR BEGINNERS! You will need to perform micro soldering in order to complete the replacement. If you have any other alternatives it is a good idea to consider them or consult with a professional. Need help?

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Replacement part http://ebay.to/2Bkd11E (affiliate)

Opening- 1:01
Board removal- 7:49
Soldering- 22:04
Board installation- 24:57
Metal bracket- 36:52
Outcome- 42:46

Repair performed by http://gomdwireless.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoCellPhoneRepair
Twitter https://twitter.com/fixmycellphone


shirosz says:

I have an iPad provided by school. They are heavily used in lessons. They expect us to keep it in perfect condition for 7 years. Not even 4 years in and the iPad no longer charges. School tells me that "We can reset the iPad and it should fix the problem. If not then you are at fault and you will no longer be able to learn in school".

SweetDick Cuba says:

Welp R.I.P to my iPad air lol I ain't ever buying apple products again such a pain to repair.

MartinIRL says:

I am wonder if is not easier to replace just the port instead full flex cable?

Jhamel Pizana says:

Just go to a professional and pay him to do this job… Easy

kai yin says:

Does the replacement reset the iPad? I can't backup the iPad with iTunes because the charging port is broken

Wiseman Wise says:

Thank you for your great efforts, however it's a torture to deal with that Ipad opening. Easier to buy a new one !!!

Sophia Sabay says:

It seems risky. Though I do recommend to put it on repair and let a professional do all the work but also be sure to backup. In case anything goes wrong.

Be Jaysus says:

Ipad air is very slow to charge. Pluggud it in last night it was at 2% & when I checked it in the morning (after 10 hours charging) it was at 11%. Anybody able to help?

aesthetics mom says:

Took everything apart till I got to the logic board and couldn’t figure it out, then I watched the vid and realized soldering was involved….oops lol

dclift62 says:

Dude, you need to get into the habit of disconnecting the battery before you remove the lcd and digitizer connectors, That's how how you blow the backlight, Just lift up the battery connector a bit and slide in a guitar pick to keep it isolated. Otherwise great Vid

Al Friesen says:

Thanks for posting this. Well done video, technically and hats off to the editor, producer, gaffers and of course the focus puller. Did I mention the best boy. Lol

Ariz Jintalan says:

My ipad starts charging but its says not charging over and over i tried everything to fix it but it still doesent work pls help me

David ngo says:

Very helpful video.Thank you so much

Totlyn Henry says:

I definitely will not be buying anymore Ipod nooooo more they sucks.

Tessa Mccan says:

I am happy i found this video 🙂 common sense and lots of time just taking your time = susses , if at any point your frustration level rises a point of a degree , just take a note of what point your at , and kill a dragon , and come back to it 🙂

Soho Yankee says:

I'm sure glad I watched this video. Now I know I'd be way over my head if I tried this myself. The safer bet is to pay the $80.

ODOGG says:

cant that whole part just be replaced to avoid having to do soldering

Christopher Paden says:

Go Cell Phone Repair, What temperature do you have your heat gun and soldering irons at?

Rosalina1971 says:

Are there any schematics for this unit available any where ?

Rosalina1971 says:

The unit I have is from my sister and she told me that when she dropped it she said that the display now show no shim card. I reseated the card with still the same problem. I'm thinking the shim plug from the mother board most have shafted out of place on the small shim card board. So unit has to be open up.

Rosalina1971 says:

I'm a Maintenance Engineer for a TV station and been in Electronics for 52 years. Is it okay to use a shrink tubing heat gun (extremely hot gun). Or a regular hair heat dryer? I notice you are using a shrink tubing gun.

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