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iPad Air 2 Take Apart Repair Guide – RepairsUniverse

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Find high quality iPad Air 2 replacement screens and repair parts at RepairsUniverse.com: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/ipad-air-2-screen-replacement-repair-parts.html

http://www.repairsuniverse.com – RepairsUniverse shows you how to disassemble and reassemble the 2nd Generation iPad Air with this easy-to-follow iPad Air 2 Take Apart Repair Guide Video. The instructions we have provided will show you step-by-step how to replace the LCD and touch screen digitizer assembly on the Apple tablet. Be sure to visit RepairsUniverse.com to learn about the different repair options we offer, all which will help get your iPad Air 2 working like new again quickly, and affordably! With our DIY iPad repair tool kit, and comprehensive teardown guide, we can help walk you through the complete repair process. If you do not feel comfortable doing the repair yourself- don’t worry. Contact one of our skilled repair technicians at 866-925-2350 and they will fix your device for you. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for numerous DIY smartphone and tablet repair videos.

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John K says:

Question…are all those little screws the same size (in case I want to put them into just one container)?

tayfora says:

Can you the same battery for air 1 & 2 interchangeably?

Adiey J says:

awesome and thanks very detail on all step

matt k says:

What temperature do you set your heat gun at to lift the screen off?

A StandardGuy says:

I can't even find one when I search. Cases just show up…

Shaik Rahman says:

Thanks . I was looking for such detail from A to Z, and Beautiful lighting. Good job

Ettore Scolo says:

Only Apple crap need all this mess just to change a fucking battery when all other devices have a backdoor for the battery or at least the battery is in a socket and is not fucking glued to the chassis….ridiculous…will never buy their shitty devices.

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