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iPad Air 2 Glass Only Repair

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This video shows the process of iPad glass-only repair, with two LCD refurbishing machines involved.
Warm Promt: This broken screen refurbishing service for iPad series would cover iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.

For LCD Refurbishing Machine and Materials: https://goo.gl/oiNqhI
For Third-Party LCD Refurbishing Solution: https://goo.gl/mkbre6
For iPad Air 2 Spare Parts: https://goo.gl/yRHV6T

Tools & Materials list:
Replacement for iPad Air 2 Glass Lens: https://goo.gl/qWAU3d
Manual LCD Separator: https://goo.gl/dtTP9U
Bubble Removing and Glass Laminating Machine: https://goo.gl/dphCgV
Anti-static Wrist Strap: https://goo.gl/n3RNze

Visit more at: http://www.rewatechnology.com


Hemi Power says:

This a great repair but unfortunately the replacement glass is not Original Apple grade glass , it will break much easier than the original. Corning glass who makes the original gorilla glass with a special coating for apple does not sell it to after market suppliers period" everything out there is a knock off part.

Lt. Nimitz says:

The Gold Standard or repairs! Now can I send my Ipad Air 2 to be fixed? 🙂

Tareq Shams says:

Hi..can you post the ipad mini 4 a1550 schematic diagram please???
I cant find it anywhere,,
Thanks in advance

eduardoig17 says:

why would you want to do this? if you replace the glass alone then you run the risk of getting dusts trapped between the glass and the screen. It also takes a lot of effort, you could just buy the whole assembly and replace it and your done

Wompy Films says:

Cool never actually seen an IPAD separated before, Looked like a refurbished one though with how tough that glue was, is that just the Ipads?

Mario Alberto says:

Now I'm in love with you… Please fix mine hahahah

Dhe Ghamer says:

i thought he is a girl until i 5:00

Jose Alvarez says:

where can I get the laminating machine???

Yoshi Pogi says:

Condoms for fingers anyone lmao.

ciphernet666 says:

Brilliant work 🙂 Greeting from Copenhagen, Denmark!


super solution sir?

Peator says:

Chinese and Japanese People Smartest Humans to walk on earth they invented everything, I really really appreciate everything you make your videos so unique and visually appealing and so pretty I'm really proud of you I like to see made in China and made in Japan stickers you guys works like machines and robots Thank you from deep from my heart for your videos I rarely like to comment but your work so amazing so satisfying to the eyes

Alehka Alehkin says:

that that thing in his hand?

DiePalAPie says:

Why is there no finger sensor?

GK Repairs says:

i have ipad air 2 broken glass but lcd is good, how much to refurb?

Giacomo Businaro says:

Hi, where to buy the glass only? Without digitizer, thank you.

Joshua Vaughn says:

Sometimes I just watch you guys repair videos because it's so cool how y'all fix things

Noah Dennis says:

can you upgrade my iphone 7 plus storage from 32gb to 128gb? how much would that cost if possible?

Saurabh Chaudhary says:

Sir mera ipad ka glass tut gya hai ow Keyes bne ga

David Torres says:

Hey great video But have 2 questions for you
1st how come the wire did not damage the polarizer? It was clear that damage seemed to be present when the glue was removed by the shape of the remaining glue.
2nd this ipad contains a backlight if you leave those fully wet cloths on top of the lcd the backlight will surely have marks on the sides from the liquid

Am I missing something here?

Angel Flores says:

REWA, do you only show tutorials and sell equipment or do you also offer services? like if I want to send in my iPad air for glass replacement?

Marcus Friberg says:

The screen that comes out of the laminator has the glass on upside-down. The flex cables are on the front camera side, instead of the home button side.

Guddi Sharma says:

hi please send quotation for machines I had requested

Kaden Cardenas says:

So you don't have to remove the pol film?

sir willy says:

where can i buy some of these machines?

ardi du says:

i hope the screen of my iPad Pro 9.7 will never ever brake :O

SandPox says:

at least you have a cord on that strap this time

Meatgamer says:

Dang I wish I could start a business doing this

Hicham Bougaa says:

جزاك الله خيرا

Tarik Belarmia says:

What does that bracelet on your hand ?

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