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iPad 4 TearDown Disassembly Reassembly Repair (HD) iPad with Retina display

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ray Howe says:

Get rid of them suction pads,you don't need them, Isesimo is what you need,takes me ten mins to remove digitiser.

David Bowie says:

Stop talking a lot Jesus

nnadzak says:

fuck off jerk with your camera mirrored….

moesha taylor says:

my ipod 4 gen. stock into DFU mood, when plug into computer and connected to itunes lt gives and error state "ipod need to restore and recover" when select on the recovery and restore an error state again "ipod could not restore and recovery". can it be fixed?

yong liang says:


yong liang says:

He is the first time open ipad4?

Gianpaolo Pazzini says:

the camera is in opposite left-right context. beware

Troy Cook says:

Nice video , I have a ipad 4 in my shop with dim back light on he rt. side .Do you know witch coil of the 2 would control the right side .. Is it possible to add a shim on the coil to put pressure on it "like iPhone 4 sound chip fix" …thank you …

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