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iPad 4 Screen Replacement, iPad Digitizer Repair by Britec

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iPad 4 Screen Replacement, iPad Digitizer Repair by Britec

iPad 4 Screen Replacement or iPad Digitizer Repair or iPad camera replacement or Broken Home Button

In this video I will show you how to replace the digitizer glass screen on the Apple iPad 4 repair we also replace to Wifi home button assembly, iPad screen replacement, iPad Digitizer replacement

This is a start to finish video on the process… in replacing a broken LCD or Digitizer.



xRattchett says:

Hi i live in Ireland (irrelavant information) and i was goin to get my
screen fixed at a local electronic store (iPad 4) and if i get my screen
replaced will i lose all my storage/memory saved ? Because i heard of a
case when a guy got his replaced he lost all his saved data such as photos,
apps, music etc ? Will this happen or is there a chance or is it highly
unlikely ? Feedback would be appreciated
Oh and For people who will say just backup all your stuff on iCloud thats
not really possible on 0.50 upload to save around 15GB

Ashley Autism says:

why cant u touch the lcd?

Samantha says:

If I get my i pad done at a store, it will cost over $350, I can get this
done myself with only spending under $100, wow!!!! 

LOC TRAN says:
Dirt MIke says:

doing it yourself is a real pain in the ass, no joke… but you’ll save
alot of money by doing it… the hardest part is removing the broken
screen… heat gun will definitely make job a lot easier… removing all
the lil extra glass and glue is a bitch too… the screen replacements are
very responsive, but the the strips of double sided tapes are not very
sticky, you’ll need to add some kind of adhesive/glue to make sure it
sticks… also make sure you keep the original home button assembly,
because the assembly the comes with the replacement digitizers are not as
responsive as the original ones… and make sure you triple check that all
cables are in place and that ipad screen is working before finally gluing
everything down.

uper azz says:

26:47 pity you have to look at that home button not being squared…..now
that you krazy glued that screen down and all. A little bit of black spray
paint will cover that quite well though.

Dylan V says:

That nasty crake doesn’t even compare to my ipad that I’m using

Lisbeth Sigh Fehrmann says:

Hi, I got the resolder hot air gun….. What’s the max temp you use?
Regards Liz

Aaron Mooney says:

Is there a link to the stuff needed

Darren Connelly says:

Oleophobic coating on ebay replacment screens?? 

Thomas Willis says:

Ahh didn’t think it would be this hard!

kaya miya says:

holy shit this is gonna be a pain in the ass, but i know i can do it, great
video thanks, found a iPad 4 with broken screen, your best off takin a few
hits of some chronic so not to rush through!, and rip a ribbon cable off in
haste! lol

Aaron Duke says:

Yea, your home button is totally crooked……….

mohrandera says:

Brilliant vid and commentary. Spot on,videos like these encourage DIY as
everything is being explained thoroughly. Keep it up

Jaimee Sturgess says:

This helps soooooooo much

Yuridia Torres says:

Um… Lol

r chris says:

Great video sadly I tried to repair my own iPad and ended up breaking it
more. Had to send it of to have a company fix it. $80 later and good as new
and I didn’t have to cut my hands. check them out iMaster Repair. 

Grant Cruickshanks says:

Good video but 5:00 – “put a pick in there to give it a bit more
height’th”…………HEIGHT(TH) height’th? Are you for real?! By the way,
‘fin’ is something that fish have. ‘Thin’ is the word you are looking for.

Adam Burdass says:

If i was to use the super glue gel as well as the adhesive strips would i
still be able to replace the screen if it broke again.

lilvipa1 says:

Its definitely a challenge but once the digitizer is off, game is half won.
I really recommend loctite glue to coat the tape, big game changer in my

cash pops says:

i need mine done 

George Peppard says:

How tough is this process on a scale of 1 to 10

john wilber says:

People just leave it to a pro its less of a headache this repair is way to
hard and if you dont have experience you will most likely break now he has
to buy a new one which will be way more expensive than getting it repaired
in the first place.I truly regret trying to fix mine by myself.

William Herzfeld says:

check it out

Gabriel Baier says:

He made a bit of a hash at that

Doru-Daniel Matei says:

Lol I’m watching this on iPad 4th

ingersot says:

Great Video! The extra commentary was great and I learned a new thing about
laying down adhesive. Usually I apply it to the screen first, not the
frame. You got skills my friend 😉 Thanks for increasing my iPad DIY
knowledge 😉 lol

zx8401ztv says:

Yep i understand, you did a great job mate, looks like a new one now 🙂

Flaming Pizza says:

I’m watching this on a broken ipad

Compton Sue says:

could you make a video of how to create Windows 8 Bootable DVD great video
Britec keep it up

Gabriela Todeschini says:

Thanks a lot!

Britec09 says:

What about iPad 2

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