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iPad 4 Screen Repair & Disassemble

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 4 Screen Repair & Disassemble guide. This video will enable you to quickly, and safely, replace a broken LCD or Touch Screen on your iPad 4. If you would like to receive a complete iPad 4 disassemble guide with high-resolution photos send an email to: support@fixez.com.

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TakeTheBreak says:

Anyone know how I can fix/stop my iPad making lines across my screen when I
turn it on? My little brother was on it and he dropped it several times
while holding it. If anyone out there that can help me fix my iPad I’ll be
much appreciated. 

GamerFollower says:

I have heated up the edges of the ipad for a good 5 minutes using a heat
gun rated at 1,200 F and for some reason the adhesive will not loosen up.
Nothing I do to try and separate it will work. I have tried a thin razor,
the exact plastic tools in this video, and even two suction cups to try and
pull up the digitizer just enough to get something under it (Which broke
both suction cups and made them unusable for the iPhone repairs…) Please

Ahmed Alfaris says:

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rodartejuan says:

Great video and instrucctinos. I have a question abou touchscreens that are
not Apple, do they work? Do they fit? Thank you for your time.

Оганес Егоян says:

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Jr Class says:

My screen is red and it won’t work

Jogazalubru Enot says:

Hands in the way of some actions however, very good instructions to replace
a cracked/shattered glass touch screen .
these screens are fragile enough so as it breaks without much impact.
They don’t scratch easily however, if you drop it with your case cover
it’s all over.
I’m going to leave it alone so as long as it works perfectly, just add a
screen protect film to hold it together until it gets into the view area.

I’m going to save this, thanks, I needed this.

Mario James Greco says:

How long did you warm up?

Fixez.com says:

You are welcome … hopefully you did not cut yourself. Depending on how
bad the touch screen is damaged you need to be very careful when trying to
remove it as the little shards of glass go everywhere.

htodd says:

Thanks! Just what I needed, though you forgot the part about getting shards
of a shattered screen into your fingers.

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