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iPad 4 Charging Dock Port Repair

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‪http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 4 Charging Dock Port Repair video. This video will assist you in quickly, and safely, replacing the Charging Dock Port Flex Cable on your iPad 4.

Check out the complete iPad 4 Disassemble Guide at Fixez.com: ‪http://www.fixez.com/guides-and-videos/ipad/ipad-4-repair-guides-videos

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Ric Lopez says:

You do not discuss resealing the glass back to body of the iPad – are ther any issues to be aware of?

Popular MMos says:

Im afraid to do that☹️

Citizen Bishop says:

it is not that easy as it shown here. i repeat, its not that easy.

The Shy Guy Fan says:

But what if we don't have those tools?

Gio Vasquez says:

My iPad only charges when shut down. What can I do to have it charge when it is "awake"?

E3mma says:

On my iPad ( 4) it will only charge when it's turned off but even if I turn it off to charge it only charges up to 44% . Can you please help – thx

David Williams says:

I have a ipad mini 2 and need to replace the charing port,but I wish I knew how to solder. I don't have the money to have apple replace it any tips?

Noora Yasser says:

Thank You. but my problem is while charging my Ipad the charger itself broke inside the socket. so how to remove it. i tried my glue stick nothing happened


Hows that possible with Drier that so softly the scree can removed…


Delia Delonge says:

Hello, I own an IPad 4, and I seem to be having an issue with it. I'm not sure what it is, but it's causing the IPad to not turn on. I've tried about three different chargers, one using an IPone brick. Pressing the home and power button isn't working either. I'm not sure if I can fix it or what type of damage is going on, but I'd like to know what's wrong. Thank you.

Lexi Hanshaw says:

Let's be honest. Nobody has time for all that.

Dhomy Al-motairi says:

I want to buy iPad3 battery maybe 20 batteries to make bank battery I know this channel for fixing but I ask a lot of people on YouTube some of them said we don't know and some of them they didn't answer. Please tell me what do I need to make it

Jayy Reyes says:

If u have kik , it's hypelegit2
Or dm me on Instagram jv.r23
I'll tell u more stories about wat happend and I really need help ?

Jayy Reyes says:

Hey bro my mini iPad is broken . Because every time we put the charger inside the charger dock thing like u know every time were trying to charge an q iPad and then we put the charger Inside of the little rectangle hole or dock it just won't fit in , we use the right chargers but it won't fit in , please help me how to fix it I'm having problems every day bruh ?

ateaparrot says:

Will i need adhesive to re attach screen?

Janeal Christensen says:

I have an Apple iPad 3 and the charging dock port has always given me trouble. My husband has an Apple iPad Air and has not had any trouble. Is it possible to replace my iPad 3 port with a iPad Air port??

Avril and Jhay xx says:

what to do my ipad 2 keeps going on and off when charging ? GUYS please i need help

William Lloyd says:

DO NOT overlook the little tid bit about heating up the perimeter for SEVERAL minutes. Just cracked screen because I was forcing it open with tool they provided.

Van Hieu Tran says:

I didnt see why you have to remove the touch screen and the LCD connection. They are not connected with the charging dock or its ribbon. Is there any other technical reason?

mrcj1231 says:

Excuse me sir , and how about mine it keeps on showing the sign that its charging and even though the charger is not connected to the dock n if u plug on to a cable it starts normally n show that loading then and sudden;y restarts again n it keeps on doing the same process again and again can u plz help me with it !!??

Brock Ragsdale says:

My ipad 4 takes like two days to get a full charge. Is this most likely my problem? I bought a new lightning cable and that didn't help. It holds a charge ok, so I'm
thinking the battery is not the problem. Really appreciate any advice you can offer.

Denise Ramos says:

hi i dont have to remove digitizer /touch screen just to fix da charging port do i?thanks

namdarcs says:

Do i need adhesive to put the screen back on or does it snap back on ?

Kelly Allan says:

Went to Apple yesterday. The charging bit on my ipad is apparantly broken and they tried to charge me £200 for a replacement. I found the parts are cheap and this video is very helpful so thank you! I will be attempting this 🙂

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