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iPad 4 Battery Repair

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 4 Battery Repair video. This video will enable you to quickly, and safely, replace the Battery on your iPad 4.

Check out the complete iPad 4 Disassemble Guide at Fixez.com: http://www.fixez.com/guides-and-videos/ipad/ipad-4-repair-guides-videos

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Dominick says:

iPad wont turn on at all turn everything hopefully a new battery will work ´╗┐

samer Dawod says:

To much work ­čÖü ´╗┐

fixez.com says:

Is your iPad 4th Gen suffering from a bit of battery fatigue? Fixez.com
shows you how to replace the battery yourself. http://ow.ly/r4oAU
#ipad4repair #ipad4battery´╗┐

max power says:

Ok ty ´╗┐

max power says:

How long dose the battery inside last in the I pad, and can you charge it´╗┐

Trym Hansen says:

I tried, the screen broke´╗┐

lookfromwhen says:


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