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iPad 3rd Gen Screen Repair & Glass Repair Directions | DirectFix

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http://www.directfix.com/category/IPAD.html presents the iPad 3 screen repair and glass repair directions. Apple iPad 3 screen repair video directions on YouTube. These directions for the iPad 3 will help you replace a broken or cracked screen if you have dropped the apple ipad 3 and cracked the screen or broke other parts in it. Step by step directions on replacing the battery, screen and other parts for the ipad are included in the repair video. For 7% off your first order on our webpage DirectFix.com use coupon code YOUTUBE7 at checkout for a limited time only.
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TheCraney15 says:

What is the name for the 3 flex you disconnected?

thebeebe5 says:

HUGE help. Thank you. Shattered glass successfully replaced at a big

jibby003 says:

anyone know if an ipad 3 digitizer will fit an ipad 4, I am almost positive
it will but dont want to tear both of them apart and it not fit

komodomoe says:

Since the home button is just a jumper between the two copper leads below
the screen, try taking a strand of wire and touching the two leads together
under the home button once the digitizer is removed. If the ipad responds
like the home button has been pressed, you will likely only have replace
the home button assembly.

tyler ferkin says:

i wouldn’t think so because the ribbon cables are bigger

JYC987654321 says:

Youtube is just awesome. It shows all kind of things here.

DirectFix says:

All the parts and current prices are listed on DirectFix com.

DirectFix says:

You just need to follow the steps to the part you need to replace. All the
parts we carry are listed on our webpage at DirectFix com.

DirectFix says:

Yes with a little modification to them they will work.

ChristySayWhaat says:

Thank you so much for this video ! I have a few cracks on my ipad 3 screen
and in this video, i see you basically taking out everything. Do i
necessarily have to take down the battery and all the stuff you did ? All I
have is a broken screen. If not have to replace everything, can you list
all the products on how you need to fix the broken screen ? thanks.

kman624 says:

is it posable to plug the ipad lcd screen into a iphone

MrMetalBurrito says:


komodomoe says:

this is the best repair video on youtube. It was a pain to find though.

JD Perry says:

will the ipad 3 touch panel/lcd work for the ipad 4? i cant seem to find
any parts for the ipad 4 specifically… They look pretty similar

Sonny Ferguson says:

As far as replacing the digitizer and lcd, it’s the exact same process as
the iPad 2, correct?

Sushil Sakhuja says:

Nice video thanks add some background music.

Alec O'Grady says:

Great Video, but a tip of advice. Add some background elevator music. It’s
kind of boring if you don’t have any sound other than the instructions. But
overall, great video!!!

Ted Liljenquist says:

My home button stopped working after I dropped my ipad, what should I look
for when I open it up?

DirectFix says:

You could just watch the video we have for the iPad 2.. Take a look at our
other videos.

JBlongz says:

Thanks guy!

Droveful says:

awesome man…… how much does a retina display cost??????

Lynn Heiser says:

Excellent video. Thank you

ege Aksungur says:

http://www.ipointstore.de Premium Reparatur – auch online !!!

thekingoffeelings says:

Is there any difference between white and black glass ?! I mean do the
white glass fit for a black ipad model ?! Thank u

thekingoffeelings says:

Is there any difference between white and black glass ?! I mean do the
white glass fit for a black ipad model ?! Thank u

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