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iPad 3rd & 4th Gen Screen Replacement (Nothing Left out!!)

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WE CAN REPAIR IT HERE–http://www.irepairfast.com/ipad-repair-ipad-ipad-glass-replacement-p-161.html
PART AND REPAIR KIT HERE–http://www.irepairfast.com/parts-yourself-ipad-parts-ipad-parts-ipad-screen-with-tools-adhesive-p-176.html


The Wizard says:

Sorry i just gotta say this, Americans go “on & on & on” one and a half
hours to replace a digitizer, if I was 5 yrs old I would appreciate this
video, but jesus……………. we know we need tools, and a digitizer and
glue, believe it or not.


Rumeel12708 says:

Hey I just did this to my IPad 3 and the screen does not turn on, I plug
the charger and it makes the noise but idk why the LCD does not turn on.
Did I pull the cable or what. I just changed the digitizer, is the original
LCD worked fine just the digitizer cracked.

John Thompson says:

Your username is irepairfast but your video is 1 hour 20 minutes long

Tool0GT92 says:

Can someone tell me the secret to getting the digitizer cable tucked in
enough to where the screen can be attached flushed. I have done a bunch of
these and can never get it right.

Haley Holland says:

Dude!!!! Thank you for this video. I am a knife maker in Fairbanks AK and
was told no one in our town would fix my Wife’s ipad 3. So I ordered the
screen for $15 bucks and watched your video 3 of 4 times. I don,t like the
fact it was in HD. You got me out of hot water with the wife, since it was
me who stepped on it in the first place. It took me a little longer. But
now I have bragging rights. Thank…Patrick..

H.Engin Bozkurt says:

Thanks a lot. I did it. No problem.

Simon Taylor says:

Thanks. Great video guide, really helped me out, even down to the repair
of the busted corner. A++

jim hansen says:

I don’t like the way it is done when you comes to wifi cable you could as
well be working on a truck.. use guitar plexes and spacers instead….

Dune Rox says:

I’m watching this on my I pad mini 

alejandro diaz says:

Why you clean it too much before testing? How about you have to reopen it.

ihsanaddin says:

Hi like in the beginning of the process you said that make sure everything
is working what if the touchscreen is not responding at all do i still go
on with the process? +iRepairFast 

[SRG] MRVDOG says:

well I just finished fitting my replacement Glass, 1: I forgot to put the
damn screen’s screws back in (Which isn’t a real problem as it’s all
tightly held in place) :/ and 2: it’s just beeping every 5 seconds and not
displaying anything, I have put all connectors back in properly… I think
I will just take it to a shop to be fixed

ghostrider 115 says:

Watching this from my 4th gen iPad

Ani Danielle says:

Such a useful and thorough tutorial! I wish I could like this video a
million times. Thank you for helping me save my shattered iPad :)

John Jerrehian says:

Thank you for providing this video. I just replaced as I watched your step
by step process. 

kairay1000 says:

Nice vid, but more like “IRepairSlow”

Kiet Duong says:

super helpfull

Shawn Tinker says:

It was really helpful, you just saved me $125 🙂
Thanks a lot!

burly636 says:

He is most likely a pro at electronics repair and not at making vidios, but
I think he did good. There is always one that thinks their criticism
matters. Did he asked to be critiqued? 

Waqar Khan says:

Ipad Mini Give Away

LILCYA2009 says:

glad this guy doesn’t work for me, talk about stuffing around

Nick Pagauisan says:

Im watching this on my iPad 4!

The Awesome Help says:

Thanks so much. I broke my mother’s iPad and as a 14-year old I thought
fixing it was either hopeless, or way out of my reach in expense. With this
easy guide I bought a cheap 30$ OEM digitizer and replaced everything

Ricardo Cordero says:

Now it is turning on but the digitizer is acting erratically. Any advice
will be much appreciated.

Mi Re says:

Great video 110% accurate saved me 150$ thanks couldn’t be better explained

joeed35 says:

Thank you 

Cesajool says:

WOAH!! Without this very detailed and thorough tutorial we (over in France)
could NEVER have done this! It worked, and we really appreciated the length
and the fact that you showed us how hard it was for you to take all that
glass off. We had a screen that was just as hard to get off, and we figured
if you could manage, so could we!! -Only thing you *don’t* show is where
that home button ribbon connects inside the base piece of the iPad, as ours
got unattached when opening the ipad. 🙁 We are now using Apple’s Assisted
Touch home button as we never got the real one to work.

1boyegoy3 says:

A coin would’ve bent that metal corner back much better, don’t you think?
Could also be used for the plastic gasket too.

LJohnson says:

Thanks bro, it really helped me a lot. The little details were very
important and helpful. It was a bit challenging but I changed one on an
ipad 4 and everything is good.

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