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iPad 3 Glass Repair Tutorial Replace Cracked Screen | GadgetMenders.com

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Link to screen: http://www.gadgetmenders.com/black_digitizer_touchscreen_screen_for_ipad_3.html


A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the front glass & digitizer screen assembly on the new iPad 3 (3rd Generation). Anyone with a little patience should be able to complete this repair on their own with the right tools.

This can correct:
-Cracked Glass
-Dead Spots in Touch Screen

Parts and tools kits are available on our website.

Use coupon code “YouTube” for 5% off your order.


R says:

Well explained video Gadget Menders. I did exactly as described in the
video. Now if I turn it back on, I cannot see any Apple logo or anything
for that matter. The screen only shows white patch from left to the right
of the screen, positioned where the logo would appear. If I hold the on/off
button to turn of the iPad, that white patch moves to the top of the
screen, where the red sliding button to shut down appears, and changes to
slightly different white. If I slide that patch from left to right, like
when we shut down the iPad, it actually shuts down. If I plug it with the
laptop, it does get detected.

Please tell what might have gone wrong? It was working fine with broken
glass digitizer. And now it doesn’t even work with broken digitizer:(.
Please help. Rgds.

loui828 says:

thanks for the video, would you know the cause of a dark gradient coming
from the right side of the screen? part of the right side of the screen is
darker than the rest.

do you have a tutorial showing how to replace the wifi antena cable, i cut
my while replacing the screen 🙁 weird how is the one cable that’s the
damaged the most and yet there’s not a video tutorial on how to replace

Scott Joray says:

Great video. Just completed my digitizer install and everything works
great. Thank you very much.

P.S. You do have a heat gun, it’s called a blow dryer…

flippy2332 says:

Thanks for the video and the high quality parts! Broke my black iPad and
changed it to white. Great deal for less than $40. My screen was shattered
so packing tape across whole screen really helps. Use lots of heat but
careful around camera. Also easy to just cut the digitizer cable after
broken is pryed up. Be sure to take a razor and/or small flat screwdriver
and scrape off old adhesive with bits of glass in it. I did not use
superglue, adhesive was enough. Use gloves!! Make sure digitizer cable
seated so white lines are covered, mine didn’t work 1st time just going up
to white lines.

Ron Michel says:

use a heated blade is way safer

TheBlueGirl18 says:

Where would you get a heat gun and all those tools?

David jp says:

good video thanks 

Dav Nagle says:

Fantastic tutorial, thank you for taking the time to go through the process
in such admirable detail, great job and thanks to you my Ipad is fixed.

Jason Malone says:

Thanks, used this video and it was very helpful. Also a note to anyone who
doesn’t have a heat gun. I used a sock filled with rice. Heat in the
microwave for about 4 minutes set on the edges of the iPad and it will
loosen the adhesive right up.

Mason Warren says:

At what point in the repair is the charging port accessible for

butterfinqersnkiDd says:

do yall service these?

Robert Špalek says:

bragging rights++

I’ve just replaced the front glass on our iPad that our kids broke. while
doing so, I broke the Wi-Fi antenna, so I’ve replaced it, too. it’s an
amazing experience; the iPad is really well built! I had never seen how it
looks from the inside and I had never done a similar repair before. the
end result: everything works perfectly again.

4254457618e says:

Cant seem to find the black plastic bezel for the ipad 1st gen. any
suggestions? do you know by any chance if its the same one the ipad 2 has.
thats seems to be the only one that pops up when i google.

Joachim Maier says:

thank you – great video – iPad fixed!
I cannot mention the use of heat enough
– in my case, the glass broke multiple times during the repair which made
things much more difficult.

Elsa Sabrenn says:

Fixed mine! Thank you for the tutorial!! No more broken screen! :D

shmatts24 says:

if i open my screen will the adhesive re settle if i just open the screen
to clean it. “profesionals” changed it at the mall and there is a ton of
shit under there.

phototp21 says:

This video was very helpful and I almost did it right. Just something you
might want to note. Be careful with the heat gun and only use it around the
edges of the glass. You can burn the lcd (which i did) Otherwise,
everything else worked.

bigv214 says:

My LCD tab came off but is still in 1 piece. How do I re install it?

GadgetMenders says:

If you use a high heat setting you should keep the heat gun moving faster.

Mayero Simon says:

i have my ipad3,it fell down when i was riding a motor cycle n it got
cracks with glass, so how can i get an original glass from apple?

David Villa says:

Thank you …. The best tutorial Video I’ve ever seen ….. You save me a
lot of money!!!

Carlin Jett says:

I can see the wifi antenna due to a bad crack, should i still heat the
glass? Thanks!

Joann Leger says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH For posting this video!!!… It was perfect. You did not
miss or skiped a thing, I followed every step and my ipad is up and running

Il S says:

I messed up with the stickers which glue the screen back on. I had to
remove them. What can I use to glue the screen to the ipad now? Thanks to
the awesome video by the way, the only reason it was hard was because I
didnt always listen to your advice so I learnt the hard way here and there


Many thanks for the propessionsl guide. The best ever. Cheers from

GadgetMenders says:


GadgetMenders says:

I’m guessing you did not purchase the screen from us. It sounds like you
have a defective unit. If you did purchase from us please submit a ticket
through our website.

GadgetMenders says:

It sounds like the LCD screen has been damaged this will need to be
replaced :/

Nam Tran says:

I just replace my Ipad 3 digitizer screen, but can not turn power on. what
can I do? thank you

GadgetMenders says:

We recommend super glue gel but be aware this will make a future glass
replacement very difficult.

devon boesenhofer says:

Would a hair dryer work?

GadgetMenders says:

Yes, but it won’t work as well.

GadgetMenders says:

It sounds like you have the iPad Mini version.

Mikkyday says:

Hello, I just received the iPad3 glass. The video is very useful. I
installed the new glass per the instructions. I can turn on the power on
but the iPad3 does not accept the touch commands. I can’t get it to slide.
I double checked and the digital cable from the glass is connected
correctly (right at the white lines) and the black security tabs is solid.
I did noticed the new glass has several slight cracks in it. Would this
cause the screen not to work? Thanks.

GadgetMenders says:

The connections are not touching. You may need to piece beneath the home

ph1shzilla says:

You need to be careful when removing the digitizer from the attached
antennas, but do they fall off? Or do you need to pry them off? Also how
likely is it to damage the bezel since all the prying is done against it?

Leo Abady says:

How much the screen cost ?

GadgetMenders says:

Yes, but you have to heat the areas for a longer time. A heat gun would be

fitmama74 says:

Thanks so much!!! Saved me a ton of money 🙂

GadgetMenders says:

It’s possible to put it back in place but it can be very difficult. We
don’t carry this piece if it should become damaged and I’m not sure where
you can find them. Best of luck!

Carlin Jett says:

Should I use the low or high heating setting? Thanks!

OneRoomProduction says:

I did everything the way you said but now i have two bars in the middle of
the screen one completely grey the other is overexposed???

GadgetMenders says:

Try resetting the device by holding the power button and home button
simultaneously for 7-10 seconds.

Minsu Park says:

Thanks so much almost a perfect fix 😀

Gunnar Agersten says:

I successfully replaced a severely shattered screen after watching this
video presentation. Thanks

komaki119 says:

I usually aim for around 160 – 200°C. more heat on the left side as there
is less to break.

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