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iPad 2 WiFi Antenna Repair

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 2 WiFi Antenna Repair video. This video will enable you to quickly, and safely, replace the WiFi Antenna on your iPad 2.

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mrequi1 says:

Nice video, clear instructions and good photos. Anyone know how to tell if your wifi issue is the chip or antenna?

Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn says:

My ipad 2 has a problem with wifi. When i using my ipad near wifi access point (3 or 4 meter), signal wifi in bar so strong, i can access internet. but i stand far away (6,7 meter) signal wifi so weak, i can't access internet. Do you think problem is antenna or problem is chip wifi ipad?

Michael De santa says:

on my ipad 2 the place below the home button is dented and it does not connect to any wifi only when kept beside the router it gets 4 bars qnd 5 cm away no bars

Unity Chicken says:

this was very good vid but I ended up with a good hacked iPad 🙂

Christopher Walker says:

Thanks for the instructional video. Can you please add a note to the video to make sure no one makes the same mistake I did when lifting up the speaker connection. I thought I was following the video exactly but when I was putting it all back together I realised I actually made the mistake of lifting off the whole connection. I now have to take it to be soldered back on. If you look at the 4:42 mark you'll see where I went wrong.

Cristal Araiza. says:

my iPad is not reading any wifi signals I push other to type in the network but it says could not find network

miha2342 says:

on my ipad 2 the speaker cable was welded to the mother board so when i removed it like shown in the video it just broke off and now my speakers wont work because of it…. not to mention it's completely useless to remo the whole mother board. it only requires to remove the daughter board part

Rick Bourdier says:

Many thanks for your posts. Very well done. Peace!

Josh fizzy says:

Also be mindful of the power button ribbon cable I ripped mine when replacing the digitizer

123thebasics says:

I have an Ipad3… a small black wire that is attached under the black wifi pad that's now broken. However,I'm still getting a signal and the only thing not working is the home button. If I replace the WiFi will i do it the same way as the ipad 2 and will this solve the home button problem? (i replaced a broken screen) Thank you for any assistance.

Todd Loisel says:

My wi-fi was greyed out so I bought a replacement wi-fi antenna and installed it but the wi-fi was still greyed out.  Short of buying another antenna and installing it, is there a way to tell if the problem is something else?  Could it be anything else?

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