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iPad 2 screen replacement, iPad 2 digitizer replacement / repair / guide

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You may need to leave the old plastic gasket in-place!
You may need to transfer the “Camera plate” & “Home Button” onto the new part!

http://www.laptopscreen.com/English/Apple/iPad/ – iPad, iPad2, iPad3 screens and Digitizers from $49 in-stock.

Video on iPad 2 Glass digitizer glass and LCD screen replacement (Second generation)
iPad 2 screen repair, iPad 2 digitizer repair

Self install instructions, for some one considering replacing their broken LCD or digitizer on their own.

Visit https://www.LaptopScreen.com for more FAQ’s


TakeTheBreak says:

Anyone that can help me fix/stop my iPad making lines across my screen. My
little brother dropped it several times. If you can help me fix my iPad it
will be much appreciated

MegaTech56 says:

great tutorial

Hope Whitlock says:

very helpful! i put tape over the really badly broken pieces of glass. also
have a safe place to put screws!

MultiGamersOnly says:

Will this fix the self touching error ? I cracked the screen and repaired
it but still same error. Will the LCD help me fix this?

superglo2 says:

my ipad was crmbling so i told my mom to put tape over it. it still works
but im trying to not drop it.

iwannaplaycs says:

I have an iPad 2 with a damaged LCD due to being dropped. Surprisingly,
the glass and digitizer is not damaged at all, not even a hairline crack.
Is it possible to remove the glass and digitizer without damaging it? I
need to replace the LCD screen underneath.

Also, your LaptopScreen website indicates your digitizers are not OEM, how
accurate is the touch response? Is it as good as the original part, or
will I notice a difference between yours? Thanks in advance!

FairyTails Caviary says:

Awesome video, I watched it while fixing my own broken screen on my ipad 2
and now its all new and works! Thank you 

Mehdi Ksikes says:

Very useful. Just wondering if I missed the part where you put back the
wifi antenna?

Nick Harris says:

This was a really awesome video it was straight to the point and very easy
to do I finished in less than an hour. Keep up the good work hope you put
some more videos. Especially one on changing the replacement screen for
iPhone 5c.

Maestre Tim says:

You didn’t address how to test if your home button is properly seated. I
worry about setting the front glass onto the adhesive and then finding out
the home button doesn’t work right.How do you insure that’s not a problem?

thurm101 says:


jringgold86 says:

Lol.@ happytobemee

Josi L says:

I really like how the screen you offer has options to come with or without
some or all of the tools. I placed my order – hoping it works for me. My
kids keep getting glass in their fingers 🙁

ccrespo1975 says:

Thank you for video I was able to replace screen and lcd, the putty knife
made removing glass easy. I saved $180 bucks doing it myself.

kaimnip says:

I did order a replacement digitizer from these folks, and am very pleased
with the result. It came with a power button and double-sided adhesive
already in place, so was less work to install than the video suggests,
which is good because the process is lengthy and not for the faint of
heart, or the careless. The replacement is as responsive as the original,
though it doesn’t quite stick in place perfectly. That just means it
“clicks” a bit when grasped. Overall, I’m delighted with it.

jennietull says:

My ipad2 still works, the glass is just broken. What would I need to
purchase to fix just the glass top?

LaptopScreen.com says:

From our beloved suppliers of course!


My poer button dosnt work after doing the repair. I am very confident
however I am stumped. Any ideas?

Maristela Henriquez says:

What about the wifi antenna he didnt put it back on the screen

Rich Johnson says:

Pay attention!

Joel Schelfhout says:

No you don’t need to replace the digitiser too if you just need to replace
the LCD screen, just as long you clean the touch screens inner before
putting it back on, just don’t scratch the inside of it

LaptopScreen.com says:

Take it apart, find the flex cable that got ripped, order the cable, remove
and replace. Happened to us too, thats why the “danger zones” are
highlighted in this video so prominently. Good news is that the newer
iterations of iPad put more thought into protecting these cables for such

Elias Joe says:


savannah sweeny'sbabe says:

so when you buy a new screen, it has a new digitizer as well, are they are
practically one thing??

InfinityStudi0z says:

I found this to be an excellent video on the digitiser repair. It was
complete and all covered in a timely manner where other video’s go on and
on and on. Thank you for this and I will add any additional comments
necessary after I do the job myself.

Christian Hernandez says:

iPad, iPad2, iPad3 Screens and Digitizers from $49 in-stock? I just
visited the site and everything is $100 and up DID NOT SEE ANY SCREENS AND

Maiaal100 says:

That`s nice,,, I love YouTube because I learn really good things

NomNosaurus says:

Reattach wifi antenna?

cozmoz365 says:

@cliffplayer Yes.

kaimnip says:

Superb video: I found it far more helpful than the others currently out
there. With its help, (and using a heat gun) I managed to get my cracked
digitizer off without breaking anything else. I’ll try these folks for the
replacement digitizer. Taking the unit apart (with a truly shattered
digitizer, already in many little bits) took me about an hour. Cleaning off
the old adhesive will likely take much longer, if that proves necessary.

ThexBorg says:

Nice work, thanks for making the video

jasejunk says:

@cliffplayer Yessir

Basil Saab says:

the lock screen and home button dont work any more 🙁

tah taloh says:

Good video

Lorenzo Cascio Palmieri says:

He/she is one of the one that down voted the video. I up voted because i
successfully changed my iPad 2 touchscreen!!!! Thank you!

cliffplayer says:

Is this what I need to do because my screen cracked

LaptopScreen.com says:

Wi-Fi antenna is not removed during digitizer replacement, it remains
connected with the main body, only separated from the digitizer.

mihoo007 says:

Very helpful. I’ve fixed mine with this video. Thx.

kakar khan says:

It was difficult but i did it…..Thanks for the video 🙂

tehdc says:


RetroRepair says:

Ugh looks like a lot of room for error. Does the OEM Apple digitizer not
come with the tape applied? Are you just using normal 3M tape there? I’m
not looking forward to this 🙁

LaptopScreen.com says:

Yes the ribbon needs to be tucked away under the edge. There should not be
any short 180 degree folds (as described above), all excess ribbon should
fit under the left edge.

bmw123321 says:

Nice video guys, what’s the best way to remove or make sure there’s no dust
under the glass or on the screen?

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