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iPad 2 Screen Repair LCD Glass Replacement Tutorial | GadgetMenders.com

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Link to screens: http://www.gadgetmenders.com/black_digitizer_touchscreen_screen_for_ipad_2.html

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A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the front glass & digitizer screen assembly on the iPad 2 (2nd Generation). Anyone with a little patience should be able to complete this repair on their own with the right tools.

This can correct:
-Cracked Glass
-Dead Spots in Touch Screen

Parts and tools kits are available on our website.


MrReeceyburger123 says:

Hello, I have successfully removed the old digitizer but I accidently
turned on the Ipad and its on about %70 charge can I install the new
digitizer while its on ?

Christopher Melton says:

I watched many videos and conducted a fairly exhaustive search on replacing
my son’s iPad 2 screen, and this video was the simplest to follow, and as a
result, I was able to replace the screen with no issues. Just make sure you
buy a screen that comes with tools, it makes it a lot easier.

Brandon Maves says:

Perfect instructions. Nailed it the first time, hopefully the only time. 

sean saeidi says:

Very nice thank you,

MrAndros says:

What did you use as air canister?

Terry Melvin says:

I just replaced a screen that came to me so cracked , it took me two hours
to clean all the shards off the edge. Also, to remove any remaining
adhesive, I carefully wiped the edges with a rag soaked with lacquer
thinner, being careful not to get the thinner on anything else.

TheKrixo says:

Do i need to buy new adhesive strips if I just open my ipad and then close

Rachel Brase says:

Thank you. With your help, my daughter and I were able to fix her IPad

bazilmonk says:

Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. Because of the way the old
glass had shattered I opted to take a razor knife to the digitizer cable
and hinge the glass at the top raising it from the bottom up instead of
right to left. This made separating the 3g antennae from the glass a bit
easier. Thanks again!

Chuck Burkhard says:

Watched a few of these videos, as I am replacing one of these screens this
evening. This is the most complete tutorial I have seen so far and the one
I will refer to for this project. Great work, and thank you for sharing!

Scott Reidel says:

Bre, try a soft reset. (Hold the power button, and home button, for 15
seconds, OR until you see the apple logo.) if the apple logo does not
appear in that time, it means either the backlight coil, or broken either
the LCD or its flex cable. i know this is a littler late, but i only now
just watched this video. if you still have the device aside, i hope this
helped. otherwise, i wish i was earlier.

volprich says:

This tutorial is awesome and the replacement digitizer I ordered from their
webpage superb. However I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear
safety googles. I had splinters from the old digitizer flying in my face
while peeling it off.

Citizen of Earth says:

Is the superglue really necessary? Shouldn’t the adhesive pads hold well

Bre Pierce says:

Please help!!!! I forgot to turn off my iPad before I started this and the
screen is now off. Should I continue?

Chris Henson says:

Fantastic video! Thank you for being so detailed. I just finished replacing
my wife’s digitizer. The screen was moderately cracked so the removal took
quite a while and required some improvisation. The hard part was protecting
the LCD. What I did was cover the entire LCD with blue 3M masking tape. It
made the whole process a lot less nerve-racking.

tubepop99 says:

Thanks for the video. I replaced my broken glass today following your

Martin Watson says:

Hi. I replaced the screen following your procedure, but after connecting
the LCD again on switching on the screen has like 5% of the luminosity, as
to say that i can barely make out what is on the screen.. any suggestion?
Thanks for your advices

GadgetMenders says:

It’s possible but unlikely that the cable came undone. You would need to
replace the LCD screen located beneath the glass. You’ll also need a new
set of midframe screen clips because many of the other will break while
prying up the screen. All parts and tools can be found on our website.

Richard Ward says:

Haven’t got the guts to do it -.-

Tino Gutierrez says:

What the name of the dryer that looks like a hair dryer???

GadgetMenders says:

Check the LCD connections. You may have to replace the LCD screen which you
can find on our website. Best of luck.

GadgetMenders says:

It’s hard to explain. You can apply more super glue gel in that area to
keep it from pushing up on the glass.

GadgetMenders says:

Heat gun

GadgetMenders says:

If you used a metal tool to undue the LCD latch this may have shorted out
the backlight circuit.

kckcjl00 says:

is the metal camera frame necessary? i’ve replaced my screen everything is
flush and works except the main top, i think the metal camera piece isn’t
sitting correctly

Chris Powless says:

I used guitar picks slipped between glass as I slowly pried glass off, to
keep glass from re-seating itself.

millipoohs says:

Awesome. Just finished it after a panic attack with the WiFi cable.
Everything went smooth and I’ve got about 5 books on too of it now as it
sticks! Thanks a million. I lost two of the WiFi screws when I was cleaning
the glass but luckily I kept the other two and that made it good enough.
Again thanks so much for the video and the parts.

Leon Neverov says:

check if your your digitizer cable fitment is correct.

Earl Stevens says:

Great instructions! Fixed my iPad 2 which had a shattered screen! Thanks.

GadgetMenders says:

It’s referred to as the pre-cut adhesive strips. You can find all parts and
tools on our website. Follow the link in the description.

GadgetMenders says:

The missing metal camera bracket would not cause this issue. Check the
digitizer cable and ensure it is securely slid into ports and the plastic
tabs are flipped down.

ditleporc says:

Execellent. I did the change without any problem. Apart the fact I cut by
accident the digitizer cable all the rest came easy with a hair dryer. A
big thank for the warning about the antenna, Also, I did not removed the
LCD cable, I could save 15mn or more.

Nyan Htet says:

my iPad fell and all now have is a black screen and i could see the back
light, .. so i hook the iPad up to TV everything works fine. touch WiFi but
just that the screen is black. what should i do/replace? and maybe its just
a cable disconnected during the drop?

Christoph Van Daele says:

where can I buy the screen ?

Marisa Risa says:

Super glue, my friend.

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