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iPad 2 Screen Repair & Disassemble

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 2 Screen Repair & Disassemble video. This video will assist you in replacing a non-responsive Touch Screen/Digitizer or damaged LCD Screen on your iPad 2.

Check out the complete iPad 2 Disassemble Guide at Fixez.com: http://www.fixez.com/guides-and-videos/ipad

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Find all the Repair Tools you need to fix your iPad 2 at Fixez.com: http://www.fixez.com/products/ipads/ipad-repair-tools

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Miranamo says:

Great video, concise and informative. But I did wonder how or if you
scraped off the old glue

Matthew Warner says:

This video is highly misleading! The screen DOES NOT come off that easily.
No matter how much you heat it. Just tried this at home to replace the
charging dock. Barely pried up one corner before it completely shattered
the glass. I bought the charging dock and all the tools in this video
thinking it would be relatively simple like this video and it was not.
Don’t be misled. 

G Fredette says:

I just did it and except for cleaning up the glue it was easy. I did watch
another video also. Thank you very much

Matt Tyrrell says:

I tried this, but when I powered it back on, the touch screen did not work.
Also, the power button did not power off the unit. I am planning to
replace the power and WiFi parts, is there anything else I need to be
looking at? Any idea as to why the touch wouldn’t work?

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