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iPad 2 Power Button Replacement | ipad repair

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pieemme says:

Thanks a lot. I followed your instructions and everything worked like a charm. I was a bit wary about pulling out the small logic board, as some other videos were not suggesting to do this, but it worked out pretty well after all. All is working perfectly now. The only (minor) issue I have now is that my adhesive is not bonding as strongly as Appleā€™s, therefore the body does not give the feel of being just one compact block any more, as the digitizer does not sit totally flat against the frame. This would make it easier if I should need to open it up again. I also found it very helpful to take a few pictures of the old cable, before separating the hardware, as a guidance with the tricky assembly.

gilbet says:

Excellent video. Best one I've seen so far. What would make it even better would be to use a green poster as a background, so the camera will pick up more detail.

nils pils says:

Fuck you fix dot com

Michelle Chapman says:

Hi why would my screen not be working after I have replaced the power button cable??

Ravi San Jose says:

why does apple make it so difficult to open?

Hira nand jha says:

background music is noisy..

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