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iPad 2 easy solution fix repair for no backlight/dim backlight problem (NO soldering)

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If your iPad 2 has fallen on the ground and your backlight doesn’t work, this is the easiest solution to fix this. It doesn’t require any soldering or special equipment.


Badatgames says:

Holy crap!!!!!! That worked ….I had just replaced the glass in an ipad2
and stupid me cut the power cable (just barely). I had to replace power
cable and the dang wifi cable. I took the LCD screen out and after I put
the unit back together NO FREAKING BACKLIGHT………sigh. Found this video
right before I was going to send it out for repair and BAMMMMMMM it worked.
Thank you soooo much. :). 

Pavel Safre says:

It really works. Thanks for the video!
BTW for all who is wondering how to get the metal plate off without
damaging anything: Just use a screwdriver on the corners to get them a
little bit up, then use your fingernails to finish the job without
scratching anything. ;)

ColdplayPiano1 says:

Unbelievable !! It also worked for me! Thank you very much 🙂 Do you know
if this is also possible for iPad 3/4? How about iPhones with backlight
problems ?

Thanks in advance

Luke Hipkiss says:

Could someone explain just a little more in detail how this is done? Does
it just sit on top of the component or does it slide down in-between the
component and the side of the frame as well? 

David Colletti says:

It worked great. I was totally shocked this worked. Thanks.

Onna F says:

Worked like a charm! I was cringing at the thought of soldering my iPad.
Thank you!

Jonathan Theimer says:

Man I’m stunned. I really can’t imagine how you figured this out, but I
made the mistake of unplugging my LCD while tablet was still running and it
took out the backlight. This still fixed that as well! Its not just
looseness I don’t believe… It must be a little something else, but
whatever the case it worked and you are by far the man. Was dreading a

Juan Hurtado says:

Worked for me thanx dude!

Sumitra Sampath says:

After we figured out where to put the chip it worked like a charm..simple
solution ! Thanks 

Moritz Haase says:

Thank you its unbelievable! :))))

derek osmulski says:

haha it worked, I couldn’t believe it!!!!!

Kooyas R says:

GREAT ! Thank you very much for this tip, it works perfectly. 

zeldafreak79 says:

Hell ya it worked! Bravo.

Kerenza1065 says:

It worked great! Thanks a lot!

Dayakar reddy Komirelly says:

Thanks a million it’s work for me!! ;)

danny ho says:

So let me understand this. The plastic piece that you cut is wedged between
the metal frame and the backlight chip, HOLDING the chip down in place so
that it’s pins are connected into the board? that’s it?

coucoucalinou says:

Big thank you from france, it works perfectly like by magical! ^^

Chris Hansen says:

This Worked!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Thank you

randy morelos says:

How about solder it more to hold it better and stable…do you think that’s

Willi Rivas says:

Perfect it work for me thanks

joe Riordan says:

I am going to try this first thing tmrw. Dropped mine yest. 

Breanne Dines says:

how do i get the cover off where the back light chip goes?

Marco F says:

Worked PERFECT !!!! THX 

Ben Holding says:

Hi there, do you have any more explanation about why this should work? I
haven’t tried it yet, but I’m interested…

Tine Fornazaric says:

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