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iPad 2 Digitizer Replacement Do It Yourself Repair! (Real Steps)

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THE PART (Do it yourself!)——–http://www.irepairfast.com/parts-yourself-ipad-parts-ipad-parts-ipad-glass-digitizer-with-adhesive-p-124.html

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Probednz says:

Two by two… hands of blue… lol…

Anyway, this was awesome. This video helped me out a lot. I had the problem
of the cracked digitizer glass being held together by clear tape strips all
over the pad (the owners idea lol). The edges were a shattered mess. Tiny
bits of glass everywhere. pain the as$…

Thanks for putting this video up :)

Joshua Yoder says:

My ipad 2 I replaced the screen but now the digitizer isn’t working right
I’ll pres at the bottom and it just simply lu won’t go!

quiesto says:

Hey bro practice and make it a habit to keep ur hands far away from that
blade as much as u can, u made this video and much is appreciated cuz u
took yhe time, but it looks dangerous and all it takes is one slip of the
blade and ouch!

Joshua posada says:

my ipad 2 screen is green and fuzzy. Any suggestions?

Jonathan Charlie Chang says:

I followed everything you showed but when i plugged the lcd back in, the
power button wouldn’t work. i plugged it to itunes and the screen turned
on but now there is a big black 2 inch line running horizontally in the
middle of my screen. And i can’t reset or turn the ipad off because the
power button doesn’t work. Nor do my volume buttons work. Now I can’t see
anything on my lcd. I hear it but nothing. Please help.

Darlene Reddick says:

This guy is fixing my iPad and he compalaint that he needs the password to
check the dygitizers or something..didn’t give it to him, like i said
couldn’t he just push the home button and top screen button like that, even
touch the scren buttons to check it ? 

John Smith says:

everything went perfect, until putting new digitizer back, broke the new
glass near home button 😀 well will order new one, now i know how to to
that :D

Luis Ramones says:
KillerXtreme88 says:

Now the question is, does the screen pop up where the digitizer ribbon
cable is.

10thousandgames says:

forgot to mention need to have it under some weight for 24 hrs for proper

thurm101 says:

I can do this. 

louei sung says:

contact me.. we remove that in 60 seconds…

Eva Redondo says:

Awesome! No bullshit, no steps left out and straight up shows how to do it!
I love you guys!

iRepairFast says:

We rarely ever cut ourselves. We do these repairs all day every day. We are
masters with the razor blade. ; )

Karina marmolejos says:

i followed your video but now my backlight wont turn on its really dim

Erlend53 says:

What’s the maximum you should go in with opening tools?

Colin Burge says:

Good to see a tutorial with an actual iPad that hasn’t been pulled apart a
hundred times before to make it look easier than it is.

SourDjay says:

How do you bend back indented corners for the digitizer to fit in perfect ?

Kyscro says:

this is amazing! You are a genius!

GottofLAN says:

Nice vid. Just tried it on my iPad, worked out better than i expected.
thanks guys!

Paul Friel says:

Just did my first ipad 2, I could not get the screen off without cutting
the wireless cable,my screen was smashed no just a crack.Just ordered a
wireless cable ,I have all done that I can do until the wireless cable
arrives.Try seems to be a couple of tiny specs of glass on the lcd I can
get the off with air .will it harm the screen when I fit it together again?

Bre Pierce says:

My ipad 2 screen is off but I forgot to turn the ipad off! Can I continue?

komaki119 says:

best to go from left to right once you can lift enough to see it, use
plastic at that stage imo

Blasted Frets says:

this music is stupid. how about audio of you talking instead?

Holophyte says:

Well thanks to this video I’m going to give it a go. Fingers crossed I
don’t slice my fingers off. Lol

Rufus trent says:

NIce Subaqua Noma III

iRepairFast says:

Yes on high

Elias Antonas says:

(1) Just fixed mine.The company and video is good.(2)IMPORTANT: You must go
BETWEEN the surrounding rubber seal and the glass as you begin to pry.(3)
Be careful as you pry. Removing shattered, sticky glass around the sides
slows the job down a LOT. (4) You may have trouble tucking in the cable
slack of the top glass b4 completion. So try tucking it under LCD screen b4
screwing down the 4 screws. (5) Line up glass precisely and test CAMERA
view b4 closing up! (6) This job is not for the impatient

iRepairFast says:

Lowest setting

iRepairFast says:

Yeah the WIFI cable can easily get ripped or pierced by the broken glass.
When you get your cable take your time with reconnecting it. The mini
coaxial connection can get bent easily. Also, as long as the glass shards
are off the LCD the light specs from your broken glass wont affect the LCD.
If you need any help you can contact us on our website chat or e-mail us at
any time. Good luck!

Holophyte says:

It was a successful repair apart from the volume up wasn’t working! Who
here watched this thinking at any stage now he’ going to slice his finger
off? Still good though we get the idea on how to change the screen!

welshjay74 says:

@irepairfastYou are awesome 🙂 i msgd u on another vid asking repair for
ps3 i got it repaired locally.. But i wana say thanks for your reply i
appreciate it have a fantastic christmas awesome new year peace

Nathan Shirey says:

Great video, I had my ipad up and running with in an hour!

Eva Redondo says:

How did you manage to not rip the wifi antennae that’s adhered to the
screen next to the home button? I did. But I found one on the internet and
replaced it. Works fine, screen is ok, thanks.

Neil Armstrong says:

Dude, I bought the repair kit from you guys & just followed your step by
step instructions and am pleased to say it worked! At least as far as I can
tell anyway. All I can say is thank you because it had gotten so bad I
couldn’t do anything with my iPad & I missed it a great deal. Again, thank
you sincerely!

lawsuit44 says:

This video is well done, I have my electronic and computer repair shop, and
this video help me to do it good, thanks a lot my friend.

an0n0musx says:

Why do people pt such stupid music to their instructional videos.. Just
talk for gods sake. Most annoying music ever

tetraflouride44 says:

how hot should the heat gun be set too? thank you

Seamus O dea says:

Dont make vids directly under a light. lol

iRepairFast says:

We did

PortlandLaptopRepair says:

Also the digitizer adhesive strips are in the wrong place and upside down.
The adhesive by the camera needs to run above the camera not below as
shown. Also down by the home key the two little strips need to be reversed
so the little triagle butts up and below the home button the straight strip
goes where little triagle was. Overall it was correct. If you apply the
adhesive to the frame side it maybe easier to get the cable to go down as
it does not get stuck on the adhesive.


About to start on my iPad 🙂

K.Y.Kazuki Y.Akagi says:


iRepairFast says:

Try a hard reset which is holding the power and home button down for around
20 seconds. If that does not work go back in and check that your ribbons
are inserted all the way and clamped.

Sophal Phin says:

awsome video!!! the repair took a little longer because my screen was
pretty much smashed but everything turned out very well. thanks for
tutorial. have a happy new years!!!

iRepairFast says:

We love you too

Eduardo Ortiz says:

Is it easy to replace the plastic frame surrounding the lcd once the
digitizer is removed?

alexlloris says:

The best guide on YouTube well done! And thanks!

Samarth Pradhan says:

Please help me I recently droped my Ipad 2 and now the screen is shatterd
but to repair it it costs almmost the price of an ipad what dp i do i am

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