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iPad 2 Charging Dock Port Repair

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 2 Charging Dock Port Repair video. This video will assist you in replacing a faulty or damaged Charging Dock Port on your iPad 2.

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Andrew Wilson says:

The only thing I would add is I take ESD precautions. Electro static discharge can damage the sensitive components. I work on an ESD work mat and have an earthing band on my wrist that is connected to the mat and that is earthed. I come from an aviation electronics background and ESD damage and awareness is a very big thing. A small outlay may very well save you from a big one!

judeskater93 says:

My issue is nothing internal, the charger port is just bent downward a bit and I'm trying to push it back up, how can I do that.

Paintendo77 GT says:

Help mine pls my charger chord need a psition before it charge my ipad

Rapid Gaming says:

What if your iPad is cracked?

Roy Creiglow says:

I watched this video at least 4-5 times before opening My Ipad 2. Followed the instructions to the "T" and it came out great. I have a lot more confidence now2, and I am 77 YO. Thanks for helping me salvage My Ipad.

WhippJunior says:

Looks easy huh? Been heating the heck out of it, can't get past the razor blade part. Pay somebody!

Max User says:

Well the guy at the Apple Store said it was a charging port issue so I replaced it and also cracked my whole touch screen in the process and it turns out that my iPad still won't turn on!!! Ugghh

Dave Conner says:

Great Video. I had a small piece of black tape on the dock port ribbon cable, but beside that a great step by step

Zenith Greyz says:

Uhhhhhh like do you MAYBE think you need a new freaking cord? I had two cords that did NOT work but i was for sure that it was the charging doc. NOT!!! i only needed a new cord. I just took my ipad2 to GEEK squad .THE cords are sensitive apparently. I bent them many times back and forth. MY other two were not apple cords i dont think. NOW it charges 100% in 3hrs!!! GO BUY a cord!!!!!! 24.00. IN the mean TIME i tried to take the lid off and shattered the glass around my ipad2 before i took it to geek squad. BUT i just taped it. NOW it works great.

Serjio Valdez says:

When putting it back together, should I use adhesive tape or is there something else?

Azii Benaz says:

While changing the port, my screen got some bruises is it normal?

Katie Culpepper says:

I just replaced the charging port ordered from your website, and it charges much better now! However, the left side of my screen (about 1 inch wide) has no response. It worked perfectly before, and the screen is not visually damaged. I made sure all the cables were securely in place. Any suggestions?

Alvaro Moreno Salazar says:

thank you for this video, excuse me, is it the same for ipad 3?

CJ_ovo says:

Just saying that's mad work

Rachel Lynn Cross says:

Lol watching this on an iPad mini xD

Alan DeJong says:

when separating the screen from the bezel, there is a plastic right between the screen and the aluminum back, do you pry between the glass and plastic or plastic and aluminum?

Holdemnutz p says:

Fast at the screwdriver, dude probably hardly ever needs a powered one.

olivia jackson says:

Youtube comes through yet again! Thanks fixez!

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