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iPad 2 Battery Repair

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPad 2 Battery Repair video. This video will enable you to quickly, and safely, replace the Battery on your iPad 2.

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Lesleyjane Jane says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

raw150 says:

Excellent video and appreciate the 1080 HD quality. Tool selection is
interesting, didn’t know some of them existed. you should advertise them,
oh wait……you just did ;-)

Jason Schroeder says:

I followed these steps to a T and i am at the point of being able to close
it up, but it will not turn back on for me to test. Am I missing something
to activate it?

Aetila says:

The reason I don’t buy a surf pad is that everything’s glued together, as
if the battery would last forever, it annoys the heck out of me. 4 skrews
would be enough to solve the problem but no, ALL manufacturers GLUE the
pads together which makes battery change (after 8-10 months) to a risky
business. Grrrr!


I need help! I did it but when I try to turn my ipad on it dose not come
on. Dose this work on ipad 4 and air

Mike Zoe says:

I will guarantee you that your display screen will be stuck on 10X more
than what you SEE here. I even have a heat gun and and it took me over
an hour to sperate the glass from the pad without cracking the display.

Just be ready to buy crappy OEM replacement screen if all you have is a
blow dryer.

Jos Coumans says:

Ik heb eerst een originele accu besteld voor mijn iPad 2. Daarna alles
gedaan aan de hand van het filmpje. Wees vooral voorzichtig met het
verwijderen van het scherm. De rest werk prima als je handelt volgens het
voorbeeld. Hij werkt nu weer prima.

Andy Rhude says:

Very Professional!

jetjoe24 says:

I have ipad 2 3g , is it the same way how to open?

Don Murphy says:

There is no way there is any adhesive on that panel your removing.

Ricardo Padin says:

I replaced the battery on my ipad mini, however it still will not turn on
even with a hard reset. It also still does not how that it is charging.
Any ideas?


Does it clear the memory of the iPad 

Pedro Torpes says:

I need help. when I was closing the door of flex cable (front camera and
audio jack), the door pop up. What can I do?

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