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iOS 7 Safari, Mail, Weather FIX CRASHING (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) (How to: FIX Apps Crash Evasi0n)

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In this video, I will be showing you how to FIX your Safari, Mail, Weather, Calculator (or any other application) crashing after jailbreaking with Evasi0n on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 7 (7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.1) Enjoy!

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AppleTechSpot says:

*If you encountered an issue where Cydia disappeared*

1. Open Safari
2. Type in ” Cydia:// ” and hit Go

Hope this helps! 

Ashlyn Benta says:

Great all my apps disappeared.. Not cool dude.. Not cool

Tengku Naqiuddin says:

U sucks all my jailbreak apps is gone including cydia u shit 

ProBloxxer says:

Well YouTube keeps crashing for me.when it crashes the screen turns black
and then the apple logo shows and then it pops up my home screen should I
re download it?

Elisabeth Jasabe says:

none of those files were on my ifile app :/

joshua pitsios says:

One of my games which is real racing 3 when I touch it my screen starts
fading green and black colors and turns off and restarts and when my ipod
turns back on real racing isn’t even on my multitasking bar and also I’m on
ios 7.4 

D3LTA Orbit says:

My safari is crashing right when I press it help me I am on ios 8.1.2
jailbreak :(

the best high defenition hollyguy says:

It did not fucking work!!! And my cydia disappeard

Andre Oliveira says:

my apps DISAPPEAR…i need some help

Jake Wardle says:

Safari still won’t open cydia is gone and so is I file

Omar Gonzalez says:

How to fix safari ios 8.1 says a problem occurred with these webpage so it
was reloaded plz help 

Koushik bandi says:

i did the ifile fix then safari worked but all the other apps disappeared
then i reinstalled my appsync7+ and tried rebooting my device now
everything is fine
#thanx bro

MrBestapps1234 says:

Worked, cheers! iphone 4s 7.1.2

Clayton Wiedenhoft says:

CYDIA is so greedy. They don’t crash at all and lag. But for NONJAILBROKERS
they crash and lag. 

XxGato10RAxX says:

Thank You so Much man !!! You’ve helped me in everything from jailbraking
to tweaks and to fixing jailbraking problems !

Daniel Somthing says:

How can fix this:

I’m trying to do in app purchase for free but just crashing

Rock&Roll says:

Fourth tries on this work. Follow the step exactly in order until it work.
No restore my iphone.
Ios 7.0.1

Ameer Rishmawi says:

Thank you very much 🙂 

Chadthepro Clash of Clans and More says:

It didn’t work for me what shall I do? All 3 didn’t work.

S7DogaMoDz says:

I can’t see a fucking single app 🙁 


what if all my apps disappeared??? plz help

Sucker For Hearts says:

Thank you so much! You’re heaven-sent!!!

Irakli Giorgadze says:

after jailbreak crash viber how fix this problem?

D&L Does Gaming says:

Wow my cydia isnt there anymore

Script Spoder says:

it didn’t work for me :(

Joseph Irizarry says:

Genius it worked thanks you are the best!!!

Hassan Eno says:

whats the outro song?

Sven Ulti says:

why i deleted that 2 file afther reboot still there? sorry broken english

TheOrcy says:

Thank you!, the fourth fix worked for me.

TryHardWhale says:

None of this worked to fix Facebook bc I open it and it always crashes does
anyone know how to fix it please help!

Super Cookies says:

great, now my apps are all gone

Errol Little says:

your the fucking man bro worked perfectly thanks man

Charles Morris says:

what is your intro song???

Jason Cardoz says:

i cant find that 054.csstore file instead i have 056?

Selena Leila Pedido says:

I tried the reboot and it didn’t work even the reset didn’t work too and
now all the jail breaking things is all gone! Please help

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