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iMessage Not Working iPhone / iPad Fix

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If iMessage is not working on your iPhone or iPad this solution should fix the issue including issues with iMessage activation where iMessage fails to activate on your iPhone or iPad.

The steps we take to fix iMessage are:

– Sign out of iMessage
– Turn iMessage off
– Sign out of FaceTime
– Turn FaceTime off
– Reset all settings

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Published by Anson Alexander from http://AnsonAlex.com.


Tahmid Ahmed says:

Let's just face it

Apple is a shit company

Hi I’m Vanessa says:

It says I can’t add another email .?

Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G. says:

I really wish I had taken time to watch this video months ago or maybe even a year ago. I had not been able to send a message for a very long time to anything other than an apple product. Seems to be working fine, I was able to complete a text message to someone that failed repeatedly.


Tracy James says:

Freaking awesome thanks so much

EmilyLiz BeautyChannel says:

It worked thanks

christoferdrewrocks1 says:

I did everything you did but when my phone turned back on after it reset my iPhone's iMessage and FaceTime was on

Rubel hasan says:

I used iphone 6s.one problem my phone my phone messages option open but display is white looking not be show message what a problem .this problem solution plz

Calvin Casbo says:

u son of a bitch

King King says:

Will it get rid of any music on you iphone

laura suazo says:

Literally helped me within the first 40 seconds of this video thanks πŸ˜œπŸ˜…

Foxx AJ says:

I can't click on 'iMessage' in settings. It's there, but it's gray and I can't click on it. I'm on an iPad, what's wrong?

Shaurya Chopra says:

It worked for 3 seconds but not working now

Random Potato says:

I'm on tablet, and it said Can't connect to iMessage/FaceTime server Try Again

dwightarmy says:

Very useful, this totally worked, thank you!

Kevin Rollon says:

My phone number is activated in both iMessage and FaceTime but I can't add my email addresses on it. Please help, I'm having this problem for 3 months.

J A C K S H I T says:

I did all of this soon as I put on my iMessage or face time it shows up to *imessage activation an error has occurred during activation try again * nothing's working wtf

Keontae King says:

Mine works and I have a iPad

DeathStroke is here! says:

Thank you so much you are a lifesaver I just recently had this issue with my phone and it's all fixed. Just for that you have a new subscriber

Diamond SM says:

Does anyone know why it is saying delivered under the first messages, but then it don't say that it delivered and it don't have a red exclamation mark.

Henry Torres says:

I fixed the problem . All you got too do is , deleted all your contacts and messages And after you do that . Just add them them back , & it pops up on your number . I texted my friend and it will pop up as my email . After I deleted my contacts and messages it ended up popping up as my number .

Otmane Saiyan says:

Thank you!!!

Narisa Anzai says:

helllpppppp its still not working!!!

Soniccoolguy says:

Mine says is not delivered

Amberrenee 123 says:

My iMessage want turn on with the bubble it turns then turns back off

Cindy Demuth says:

FINALLY, someone who knows what they are talking about – I even called apple support and it didn't work – they said it would be fixed in 1-2 days, Thanks for you help and knowledge

Emily Mc says:

It didn't work for me 😭

Chavella Stephens says:

Thanks a bit less than 40 seconds into your video fixed my issue! … SCREAMING haaaaaallelujah!!!

Keziah Keren Nemeno says:

Mine does not have an enable/disable button for iMessage or facetime. pls help!

Melissa Nevarez says:

Thank you so muchhhhh !!!! It worked ! My phone looks so new to be honest lol :))) thank you once again . Just liked and put thumbs and also subscribed .

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