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HP Laptop Fix – Boot Device Not Found – Hard Disk (3F0)

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How to fix boot device not found – hard disk (3f0) error when booting your computer or laptop. The issue can be that the system is looking to another boot device like a usb key or cd instead of your hard drive (fix in bios boot options). Hard Disk (3f0) error code on boot can be from a dead or dying hard drive. This boot error could mean that your bios option are set to legacy and not secure boot or UEFI boot.

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Elizabeth Podest says:

My son spilled water on my laptop. I walked into the kitchen and there was the laptop with that error sitting in a puddle of water while my two year old splashed in the water :/ I have it turned off and set it out to dry… I am praying my computer isn't dead. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Adam Tesla says:

Thank you, it worked. I enabled the legacy support as you mentioned and boom!

ana ramos says:

It doesn’t let me run the store test. Now what?

alien empire says:

Thankyou it worked

Windows XP 720p on hdmi 4 rawr xd dab says:

Me and you have the same laptop first it wouldn't let me do anything on my laptop except turn off and on then it said this

Zek Sanchez says:

thanks for the help I removed my wireless mouse thing from the computer and it found the hard drive!

Edit: wait it said it failed!

Persephone Lilac says:

What if there's no legacy option?

Game Guru says:

I can't find the legacy support option in my laptop please help I have a Pavilion
G6 notebook

Princess Princess says:

My computer says “ no bootable device- – insert boot disk and press any key “ idk what to do help me plzzz

pollux j says:

Can u still transfer your stuff off a harddrive that not working

E. M. Torres says:

Come to our place and fix it.

Victor That ́s me says:

New version od BIOS No give me options to access to Bios configuration

Linda Lizz Mendoza Beltrán says:

Help mE plis, i dont have legacy support

Άγγελος Αβεντισιάν says:

Thanks. I unplugged the mouse and I was ready to go. You saved my laptop

Mc Santy says:

the hard drive passed. I went to boot options changed the legacy support, which in turn changed the secure boot. saved that and now it just says boot devices not found. I know I have to set it to factory setting for Windows 7, but I don't know how to do that without a CD and from the boot device not found screen

IttyBittyDucky says:

It worked, thank you so much

Anderson says:

Nope everything didn’t work. Tried 5 different videos. 7 different websites. Even tried fixing it my self. I’ve spent 3 hours trying to get this thing working again, and I’ve come to a conclusion that my hard drive or port is basically screwed. This has been the most helpful so far but yeah. Guess I can’t fix this one by my self.

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