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HP Laptop Broken with Black Screen of Death Diagnosis and Solution Fix

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My HP Laptop DV2112sa used as a media centre that is left plugged into tv.


jeffplayz and leigaming says:

Th3 first way worked for me

Marvin Cortez says:

Its not working but we're the same laptop weird lol

Hardcore Hunter TV says:

This fixed my labtop on the 3rd try after every ten minutes thanks.

islandfabrics says:

It worked for my HP Pavilion laptop! I power off the PC,remove the battery and remove the ac plug.I hold down the power button for 30 seconds. plug in the power cord and power on the PC and it restars just fine!

Alexandru Virgil says:

the problem is the 2032 battery. with your method you just put some juice in the old battery. the logical solution is to replace the old battery with a new one…. How many years do you expect a 2032 battery to last? cheers


Not working totally take

Pinky Floyd says:

My HP G60 had a hard drive failure, and shortly after the screen was black with no bios flash , tried all the little tricks to get it going but know thing works ?

Ommeni Richardson says:

Thank you, it worked after the first 10 minutes !

Marinella StaglianΓ² says:

It worked. You're a genius!

bro code says:

hey please help me i have a toshiba laptop and everytime i turn it on it have a blinking cursor and I've disc and it doesn't work please help if you can respond back

Gohar Raza says:

Its temporary fix it will happen again very soon or just in next time you try to open the computer permanent solution is to change your graphics chip..

Prakash Chand says:

hello hi can u plz give some information about my problem also now i am using HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC so i have problem when i shutdown my laptop or i restart my pc i can not open its just showing light on start button and light pliking on caps lock button second by second even battery full charge and after long time turning off or on like 20-30 times i can open only so can u plz tell me how can i fix this problem

bedha thebest says:

For me the first 1 that u said doesn't work worked for me

Geek Amak says:

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it woooorks right now
i love youuu thaank youu

Chillednfunked says:

I've done this and it works but if I switch it off same keeps happening every time. Does it need a new mother board? Your advice would be appreciated.

King Youtuber says:

so du i have to keep the battery out and charge the laptop without it for about 2-6 hours ?

Mohammad Ali says:

OMG IT WORKED when u press the only button for 30 sec part

Ligang Li says:

Hi, Wilson, I can't imagine that your youtube instruction exactly solved my HP Pavilion dv7-1243cl black screen of death problem. According to other youtube instructions I had to completely dissemble the computer, get the video chip and replace it! Yours is so more simple and it works! Many many thanks! How did you discover this solution? Amazing! Thanks!

wayland johnson says:

how do you log and traffic for instance . mom had a gay desk so the laptop expanded fight to next response 2012@sorriy.

charleighg35 wilkinson says:

thank you for helping to fix my laptop you are a star I thought I was done for thank you loads

Mhmd VÎDŠ says:

Man u are crazy thank u i tried it for 20 min and it workedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i was getting ready to go to a manufacturer store to fix it and said in my mind ill try this last method after doing a 100 methods without any progress a desprete attempt and it worked thanx mann!!!!! Guys this really work

unoefxz says:

every time mine does his, it is smokin' hot, totally makes sense and figured it was a thermal issue, but not at board level… now I know!! thank you, first good video about this issue!!

8k47 Master says:



timcat100 says:

Guess why I am here watching this! Between the garbage HP printer and now my laptop dying I won't be buy any more pos HP products. EVER for as long as I live. WTF happened? WTF HP used to be a good product?

Angel Villeda says:

I have the black screen but another problem I have is that my laptop won't shut down when I try to turn it off. please help

Riccardo Antonelli says:

thank u so so much man! the pillow technique worked at first attempt!!!!!!
before that i tried all the other technical way to fix it and properly when i was almost shuttered I decided to give to the pillow its time πŸ˜€
i own u a pizza πŸ˜‰

William Gonzales says:

Thank you so much your my bestfriend I love u I subbed thx

osricen says:

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you have a switchable graphics system (most probable Intel Graphics Family + AMD Radeon) and you've been having sudden black screen, card rebooting, blue screen, etc. leading to the "permanent" black screen, with no "usual" tricks (unplugging, taking off the battery, holding the power button for a while…) working, this might help you:

So, you're stuck in a totally black screen after the Windows logo… your AMD card might be frying or it's already fried, like in my case. You might ALREADY know this and want to use the discrete Intel graphics adapter instead, which is still alive, but you can't find a way to switch to it because Windows doesn't start! (In case you didn't know, that's what you got to do!)

So, start your laptop in SAFE MODE (might take a few tries) and get to the DEVICE MANAGER. You can do this clicking the START button and typing it. Once there, look for the GRAPHICS ADAPTER menu and expand it. Right-click the AMD card and DISABLE it. No need to uninstall anything, safe mode might even prevent you from doing it. Just disable it. Once done, restart your laptop and start Windows normally.

You should be able to perfectly use your system with the healthy "power saving" video card. Not for your high demanding video applications, but at least you can do the regular work with no problems now and feel a little safe.

Once here (back in good old Windows) you can try your luck and normally switch graphics to the AMD video card again through its software… up to your risk. If you find yourself in the same situation we just fixed, you know what to do AGAIN and wisely decide to work with your discrete graphics adapter until you replace your damaged hardware or laptop.

Hopefully this helps someone. I had to share it as I read too many false solutions online and this basic trick did it for me.

KasukuSaki says:

Thank you so much! Much easier than opening the thing and use a heat gun..

Long-range Chang says:

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