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HP DIY Laptop Computer No Power, Freezing, Turning Off Fix / Repair

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In this video, we will be using a HP Laptop PC. We will show you how to begin diagnosing the following issues; Computer wont turn on, Computer turns on but freezes, Computer turns on but turns off.
This video is the first test / fix you should perform in these cases. If these do not work, then you would move on to more complex repairs and diagnosis of more expensive components of your computer that could be malfunctioning.
Videos that are mentioned in this video are as follows;

Video #1
Computer Turns on but Screen Stays Black Fix

Video #2
Boot Loop Fix

Video #3
How to Access an Internal Battery

Video #4
How to Perform a BIOS Reset

Video #5
How to Perform a Factory Reset

Video #6
How to Test Your Charger

Video #7
How to Test Your Power Jack

If you get stuck or need any assistance with your DIY project, please leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP 🙂

Thanks for watching !!

( This video is an updated version of an earlier video and will be updated again when needed )


Deshawn McQueen says:

I subscribe

Afrohead Animeon1k says:

Thank you so much ! I was about to go ballistic. I thought I broke my new hp laptop. You’re a lifesaver man! Fr! Thank you. New subscriber btw. Just subbed to you.

dula tero says:

Mine was iy would turn go yo the hp logo,it would load just a sec then it freeze i tried going to the factory reset mode then its just black screen please help

Obaid ul ahad says:

Thanks a lot sir. It saved me a kot of hassle. My laptop was neither starting nor taking power. It went complete dead. I tried all sorts of things and then kept it in bag in night. Saw your video in morning, took my battery away, pressed power button for a minute and then kept battery in and started it. Whoaa! Its working now. Thanks a Tonne .

Hey Huda says:

Still won’t turn on😩 at this point i’d rather go buy a new laptop then take it to a repair shop. But that’s just me😂

EssieK says:

Hi! I have a HP pavilion notebook and I got some water inside the usb ports it worked for about 5 minutes and I dried it and then it automatically switched off and won't charge or turn on I've tried everything I could !! Please help and the battery is non removable

Bacon Pug says:

My thing doesn’t have a battery

kim dunegan says:

thank you so much !! this helped a lot ❤️

fox reaper says:

I have a question

I turn on my pc but it turn of when i touch any key what do i do?

Vaso says:

My computer turns on but black screen and doesn't want to boot up in Windows

Hannah Jerah Olan says:

My computer did not turn on.

Gael Ramos says:

I have that same computer and today the 11-30-18 I tryed yo do IT and IT worked

Elle Sherman says:

My coraq laptop won’t stop rebooting or doing weird words and letters PLEAES HELP

xX_ToxicHybrid_Xx Toxic says:

Ok some my computer will make the turn on sound but it still has the black screen. It started four months ago and a few weeks later I tried it and it worked for an hour but shut off again completely

Skiener says:

I have the same laptop, it doesn’t start up even after I did this, But I can see the light for the battery

padhariarohit says:

My computer is not at all showing charging light from any charger, nor it's starting

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