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HP Compaq Laptop Repair Replace Guide HP 655 650 635 630 625

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Disassembly Hewlett Packard 6xx Series Laptop Reparatur Wechseln Tamir Mainboard Replace Tutorial (Guide) Wie Nasıl fan cleaning ,Lüfter reinigung , Change Motherboard .Installation.This Video shows how to replace / Remove HP 625 ,HP 630 ,HP 635 , HP 650 , HP 655 Windows8 Series Change. Intel , Amd , Nvidia ,Ati HD
Replace Keyboard Video http://youtu.be/eK8HCtlMv_o
You are performing this repair at YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Danny Z says:

Many thanks for your video!! I saved a lot of time. :)

nahuel roa says:

You’re incredible man,but I have a problem,when I turn on only the light of
turn work,but the screen doesn’t show anything,it’s just a black screen,why
this happens and how i solve it? Thank you very much.

Igor Datsko says:

Спасибо! Очень полезное видео, только поменять термопасту заодно и
раскрутить и почистить вентилятор-там пылевой коврик присутствует!

Waldemar Słodowy says:

And than it apperad i had to open the fan itself too…Pity U didn’t show
this operation ine this film.

Kamilek K says:


NinaPvP says:

My HP 635 keyboard stopped working. But not all the keyboard, only half of
the keyboard : SHIFT, CTRL, Z, X, C and SPACE . Any help please?

Zaraki Kenpachi says:


Hüseyin Efe Demirağ says:

hi my pc is hp 650 Does graphics card ?

robert bello says:

chip replacement hp 630 pleas…tnx

Dimitar Mitrevski says:

I Broke My hp 650

DeLlta SniPeR says:

I can put on this laptop core i5 or amd 6300?

Juan Manuel Lozada says:

Thank you so much, you are a genius.

Catharina Loonen says:

Thank you. You are a lifesaver!!!

Domzy Orgon says:

I need that pll code to overclock my hp 650 :I Any help?

Profesor Baltazar says:

Thanks !!!

faruq r. Ali says:

how to know, that the lcd screen is really dead/broken because no light. is
it coming from the cable or the screen itself ? any help

Notebook Care says:
Роман Заднов says:

autor, you mega cooll man 😀 

Gavrav Singh says:

very nice,,,,,,,bro..!

kropla15 says:

thanks – you’re just the best! i saved 50$ and my laptop is almost
brand-new ;d

Gengo Shin says:

Can you make a Video especially from a Hp630 Fan repair pleas

Laptop Repair Disassembly j500j500 says:

ark.intel.com your chipset and Cpu Socket !!!!

TheSislosVideos says:

Hello I would like to ask you if your notebook HP 635 can keep more
powerful processor and graphics card? thanks in advance for your reply 🙂

Dhira-prasanta das says:

Thank you very much. It helped me a lot. 🙂

sanjay mahto says:


Laptop Repair Disassembly j500j500 says:

Thanks to for all comments.

Nockturno says:


Antonino Di Liberti says:

caro j500j500 ho un portatile hp 650 e volevo chiederti se e’ possibile
cambiare la cpu avendo intel celeron 1.70 GHz vorrei cambiarlo con intel
core i3 o intel i5.e’ possibile??

Osama Youssef says:

Thank you so much 🙂

Laptop Repair Disassembly j500j500 says:

exactly the same

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