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How you can fix a laptop hinge cheap, easy and in a proper way

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How you can fix a laptop hinge cheap, easy and in a proper way. This video its a guide in laptops hinge repair. Asus v3-551 broken hinge


Edward Bliss says:

The simplest way to fix a laptop hinge is to (a) find one of those file folders with the metal strips on the top edge, and (b) velcro strips with an adhesive that you peel off. Cut out the metal strip, stick one half of the velcro on both ends of the strip, stick the 2 opposite halves on the edge of the screen and one the side of the keyboard. Attach both velcro halves together on the laptop and metal strip so it acts as a brace to hold the screen up. Money, complicated solutions—but most of all—problem solved

Ryan Elk says:

What is the model of the heating tool you are using? I run a small repair shop stateside and really love that tool.

Mohammed ba tis says:

good job i really enjoy it

RCompHacks says:

I have experience of repairing hinges. I made video collection of various laptop hinges repair. Check my solution on my channel.

septembermannen says:

That coffee placed so near delicate electronics makes me very nervous. Will try this though, tnx

PlayBoiYardi says:

I got the same laptop and same issues

Resavac Resava says:

Bună ziua prieteni
Hope that everything is ok,can you please send me link where can i order good hot glue like your, mulțumesc and greetings from Serbia

RIP WP The T-Rex says:

Awsm vid! I have the crapies chassy! A Toshiba Qosmio X875! I've had to repair both hinges twice now! For the base (supports) I used super contact glue, and longer screws because I had to place the inserts lower since the plastic broke! And for the hinges on thee screen I used 3 in 1 oil to make them smoother and reduce tension. Gotta say, the screen has great supports since they have never broken! I want to try your hot glue method… But I have to figure out how yet since I wanna be able to take off the screen whenever I want to. Since it is so heavy, it's hard to clean when it's mounted on the damn thing. wish the manufacturer gave it more structural integrity since it's a 1.6k usd machine… Those hinges are nothing but headaches! Jaja good vid! Awsm job!

Sepiyan Siva says:

Instead use hot glue it will safe and removable

Dat Boi says:

why do you need to heat up the metal hinge?

Ayla Sozundendonmez says:

Thank you so much. My hinge on my Dell Latitude e55400 was broken and I had to wait 2 months to get a brand new one….but,the way you fixed it cheap,I'm very happy.

Nick Philipp says:

Nice job. Congrats.

Darius Ramanauskas says:

How do you heat up the metal of the hinge? You have a high tech heating tool. What should we use to heat the metal up with without damaging anything else. My heat gun is too large and will melt everything in that corner. Thanks for your help…

willem janssen says:

you make a good jo and explain so people understand. do you have a video for repair the samsung laptop np300E7 also hinge left side i cant open it no more.

The Tired Techie says:

Thank you 🙂 I have a similar model.
How to deal with worn out screw holes for that M3 screws, for instance on bottom part?

saarike says:

Clever way!

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