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How unauthorized idiots repair Apple laptops.

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Malcolm Gill says:

Authorised Apple Repairers DO NOT have access to schematics!!

Christopher Neal says:

I'm so glad I found your channel! I love it by the way!

vanhetgoor says:

I love to see you work on stuff. It is always sad when an Apple Mac breaks down, and it is very nice that often it can be repaired as it should.

Bryant A says:

where does he get his board schematics?

SteveMan75 says:

zero ohm resistor, wtf? can you please explain me how a resistor can have a value of zero ohm?

Phil Abrahams says:

Louis you just keep doing what you're doing because if it wasn't for people like you your customers would be screwed. You need to get the independent repair community from coast to coast together so you can get past a right to repair bill and maybe even send for office.

Dave Hammerton says:

Would you take a million dollars from apple to gag you?

Jack Shaheen says:

Just love the way Microslut "tries" to copy the macos. Are you even an authorized Apple repair shop???

Jinxx42 says:

Just keep tellin' it like it is Louis. Boooya! 🙂

anthony tamburro says:

lol I love your videos

Charles Thalman says:

You're awesome. You make the best videos. I enjoy all the comments you add.

upinarms79 says:

Subscribed. God bless you son, you're doing the Lord's work by both taking blood money away from Apple and shutting up ignorant Apple fanboys. Fuck any company that charges nearly as much as a new product should cost for a repair that takes just a few minutes labor and only a few dollars in parts to complete. That's the standard Apple business model, though. Fuck the consumer out of tons of money, then convince them that they and anyone else but their own techs are simply too stupid to work on their "advanced" technology. Yeah, no, fuck you Apple.

Marc Wolfe says:

Apple won't throw it away. Where do you think they get all the shit for referbed laptops they sell?

Hafiz Abdulaziz says:

This was a beauty to watch. You rock!

Kok Siong Lee says:

We really need to depart from throw-it to a fix-it culture. Kudos!

phcoh says:

There are NO authorized Apple repair centers. There are authorized Apple REPLACEMENT centers.

1965ohio says:

It's not just Apple. All the repair places are board swappers nowadays. I used to repair the handheld printers at Paxar (now Avery Dennison) and for just about any problem, even firmware problems on boards, we were always instructed to just replace the board and reload the customer profile and send it back. Many of the boards just had a bad CMOS backup, or corrupted firmware that would only take 5 minutes longer to fix than a board swap… but they make more money and save more time just to do board swaps and reloading. Apple and all these major tech companies like to say how environmentally friendly they are because their shit is all lead free and highly recyclable. It actually saves money to do component level repairs than constantly throw away perfectly good boards, and it's more environmentally friendly to not throw away and constantly remake boards.
Same like the knuckleheads that tell you to throw away your perfectly good 15 or 20 year old car. You need to buy a $60,000 car to save a few dollars on gas, while destroying old cars and screwing up the environment by making more cars. The part sourcing, machining, molding, shipping and assembling of a new car costs more money and more damage to the environment than spending a few $100's a year keeping your old rustbox going. Everything is wasteful these days.

kjn says:

I generally do not comment and I am not a repair guy, nor an electronics engineer, but one thing I know, and that is you, sir, are awesome! If ever I am to take up electronics repair as a hobby (which I sure will), I know just the guru I need to consult! A big thumbs up!

Michael M. says:

Love this guy. Just subscribed.

Hugo Vlogs says:

That mic + your voice = music to my ears

abigguitar says:

8:40 "I'm going to chuck it into a bin. It's gonna get thrown away."

Yes, the sad truth of it is that it will be tossed. Apple doesn't care about the eWaste problem. You're paying Apple $750 for a new part replacement, not diagnosing and fixing an MLB problem. Apple doesn't train their staff to do what you're doing. It's too expensive to hire IEEE certified staff to sit around tracing electrical components on a board. It's far simpler to hire people who pull boards and replace. With the new systems, they come with soldered SSDs and everything else so they can just chuck it when it's bad. That's why you don't get your data back.

That also means your data is getting chucked along with that MLB. That's why Apple gives you Time Machine for free. They expect you to simply backup your stuff and restore it after they've replaced the bad part. With iPads and iPhones, they don't even bother taking it apart. They just replace the entire thing and expect you to reload all your data. It was only natural that Apple would expand that same logic to its computer line.

Computers have become more or less a disposable commodity. When you need a repair, Apple just hands you a new one. I'd say this trend is likely to continue into the future rather than having service centers actually servicing individual electrical components on the motherboard. Of course, that doesn't help Apple improve their designs because it seems the parts were chucked before someone took the time to find out the underlying problem.

Valkayre says:

This gave me the laugh of the year, so far. 3:27

Marko Roganovic says:

I know that you think that authorized personel is stupid for not doing what you just did..
But let me ask you something, do you think that apple would be as big as it is now if they just did those repairs like that..
Is more simple to change the whole PCB for example, and charge for it, instead of changing one little connector..

Monsieur Mohandis says:

Who doesn't wanna work with this guy the profanity level is outstanding!

oscual amaya says:

This man is my hero

DJ Frost says:

Apple Certified don't even get to repair. They're a store front that take a couple bucks off shipping your device to just get fully replaced. Even if the power button stops working.

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