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How to use your computer to fix your car.

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Mechanic for the last 40 plus years and Emmy Award Winning car talk guy Scotty Kilmer shows how to use your computer to find all the information you need to fix your own car. For free expert answers to all your car questions, visit Scottykilmer.com

Please watch: “Fixing Your Car with a Laser”


CaddyPro'59 says:

A good tool kit is all you needed back in the good old day


Great Tip ….keep them coming.

Nodak81 says:

Too pricey. If the subscription covered info on whatever you wanted to look up it would be worth while, but not when you have to pay per vehicle, especially when I'm not sure ahead of time that they'll definitely have the info I'm looking for.

keithc728 says:

don't worry just take your Wagon to Scott Kilmer he'll fix your wagon. and all those people that complain about the price of the website. how many of you went out and bought those Chilton manuals to find info on your cars. you didn't complain when you had to buy them.

krista hunsicker says:

This would be worth the money if you could pay a price for multiple vehicles, but 26.95 a year for one car isn't worth it, and 16.95 for each additional car is not worth it. I do work for friends once and awhile, and they would get more business from diy people, even if they allowed 5 or 6 additional vehicles for a set price per year, or quarter year.

Luis Garriga says:

@scotty kilmer i can't fine the site can you link it?

Clorox Bleach says:

this looks like a commercial

jd binkley says:

Tried to choose my truck (2003 Silverado 4WD) but it isn't listed. The only Silverado on the list is SS AWD. What am I missing?

Nick Heinz says:

Scottie this is very useful info…thanks

wolfpackflt670 says:

I got my version of Alldata in a different way, gotta love white hat's

ricky pañamogan says:

scotty what kind of software/program you use to check the probblem.., thank you

SuperCacahuete93 says:

Hi ScottyI haven't found my Renault Twingo 🙂

Khizar Hayat says:

how to use this in pakistan :p

Native Texan says:

OMG!! Thank you so much for this episode Scotty. This is so much a better tool than trying to find videos for specific repairs for my car. It's nearly impossible to find videos online that exactly match my problem and vehicle. This is going to solve that problem. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 🙂

Dalton Banks says:

I never knew that you can fix your car with a computer!!

Slippery Johnson says:

It costs money, you didn't mention that. I can find free info

Aaron S says:

Too bad they don't include medium & heavy duty trucks.

lixy orellana says:

I cannot find the web page for alldataonline web-tools. Could you please post a link?
I love your videos!!!

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