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HOW TO: Unbrick iPhone | EXIT Boot Loop on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch | FIX infinite reboot

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Unbrick your iPhone | FIX INFINITE reboot (exit infinite boot loop) on the iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch

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the king of comedy YT says:

What do i do if it's stuck on verifying ipad restore 😢

Aalim Sadath says:

you too play 'god hand ' great!!!!

taxivid says:

This finally worked for me after searching everywhere thank you very much, my only problem is though that it's giving me the option to only update and restore which I don't want to do because I have a 5S on 7.1.2 🙁 do you know how I can bypass it forcing me to update? Tia

Kinky Kenisha says:

who else is here in 2017?

Tboy Delux says:

Are you even sighed up in iTunes

Tboy Delux says:

This is a load of bullshit it dose not work I think that it is that I have a different problem.

Andy C S says:

Thank you so much! It saved my day. I had a boot loop on my iPad Air 2.

PumpkinM3N2 says:

tk u man it worked for me

HaiJack_28 says:

Never playing Geometry Dash again

Andy Huynh says:

This is how u lose subs with that troll lol

DryCrade says:


In Your Hand Reviews says:

My iPhone 5 was in a boot loop after screen replacement, then it red screened. Is there any way you can do this without losing your data?

MCK Gaming says:

And how would I do this if my home button doesn't work?

MC GAMES says:

thank you very much bro u helped me 🙂

Quang Tuan Huynh says:

thank you so much

The Mad Hatter says:

i do the hard reset and tried everything still doesn't turn on

Apple2 Tech says:

this is what i get for downgrading from 10.3 beta to 10.2.1

Ella Booth says:

mines not jail broke an now i'm just on the itunes thing with the charger

LazerTM says:

my niigga u the fucking best thank u

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