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How to Start Your Own I.T. Business – Computer Repair Business

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So you wanna start your own computer repair business? In this video we go over what it takes to start your own I.T. Business.

Do you think you have what it takes to start your own computer repair business from the ground up? How many years of experience do you have to back up your business?

Are you going to do residential computer repair services or are you going to service small businesses with their I.T. needs?

Check out this video to learn more.

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Keema Agar says:

There is nothing about starting a business here. I was expecting information on the steps to help my husband with his business. Thanks for just telling people not to start an IT Business. . .

Gamers Play says:

you can't success in own it business, it's not mean no one can do that. what are you ? a negative man

Samaantha Jones says:

Nice video, thanks for sharing! For Small Business IT Support in Mooroolbark, visit: http://plus.google.com/112953955657287751824

Mark Yates says:

Don't! Stop right here. Don't do Computer Repair! This is really poor advice. You can't do everything and be successful.

You have got to find a niche. This is poor information anyway even for an IT Consultant.

It's good to have a base level knowledge of different things but you need your specialties. You've got to focus on what you do well. People will pay you very well for one or two particular things.

A jack of all trades and a master of none mentality will limit your success significantly. I have been in IT for about a decade plus so don't listen to this guys video.

Schlomo Rabbiwitz-Chaim-Nosenbergstein says:

good idea trying to prevent people from starting an I.T company. You're eliminating your competition. By the way you LITERALLY didnt offer much advice, just said you need to know a lot about I.T to start an I.T business. Wow, thats really insightful

Travis Thomas says:

I think you're really missing the entrepreneur aspect of it. It's not really only knowing everything, you can easily get by with good people skills and basic knowledge. Create a platform, the product, product placement, targeted market, pricing strategy etc.

Fissle Wine says:

Ok that good and fine….but how do you start a sleek gaming PC and loptop company like Razor? Or start designing and making Mobile devices such as phones or tablets?

Mildsevennight says:

I agreed with you but otherwise this can make pressure to whom

who wants to do business about IT

Mildsevennight says:

You are talking about repair the computers ?I didn't even watch it but i just saw the subject

mbrown01 says:

I will start when I get my A+. One day I want to have own van just going around fixing stuff

Jazzyjaykillz says:

I know what you mean man lol. I work at a small business in my town. I just help repair pcs and stuff. But the other day someone came in with a mac and I didn't know where to start. My boss wasn't mad he came back from setting up some printers and he fixed the mac.

Asiphe Zide says:

You talkin nonsense man

Kevin Portillo says:

I personally think it's a great way to begin your own experience of the field as you work throughout certifications.

Alejandro Alvarado says:

I think everyone need a Computer geek friend, and almost everybody has one, so residential customers is a hard field to make big money but business are more probable, I most cases will depend of a recomendation more than a good advertising.

Shawn Mortensen says:

I agree with you 🙂

AstroTech Studios says:

I'm currently too young to get a job and my parents aren't allowing me due to school. However, I want to start refurbishing PCs to get some cash to flow into my wallet. Is it worth my time, money, and effort in re-servicing older systems and reselling to people who need them?

I'm not trying to compete against any current vendor but I'd like to earn some cash using my PC building skills. Thanks!

jackalmor says:

i have a plan to have that kind of business, but i still try to do it, because i think i don't need to invest more money for this, and if about knowledge and experience there is internet that help us,, ^_^ sorry for my english

Aaron Welch says:

What about on-site only businesses?

Matticus Barticus says:

My entire IT career (15+ years) has been consulting (going to multitudes of small businesses). I've even doing it on my own now and I'd say that you don't have to know everything. You have to know enough and you need to be good at doing research and remember that a lot of companies provide free technical support on their products if you can't figure it out.

Also, if you have the right mind, skills and experience to do it, don't worry about undercutting the other people that are trying to do it. I find pretty much everyone you're competing against barely knows what they're doing. You can easily command over $100 per hour. You need to bill enough to keep your business open. Any less is a waste of your time.

Red Ben says:

i know you 🙂 you will help us man !


I was trying to start a computer repair business but it seems like it's dead everything I hand out cards people tell me they don't have a computer and they use tablets and phone so this business is dead

Anthony Medina says:

So should you focus on one particular area of IT so that you can start a business that works specifically with that area of study

Link057 says:

easy answer you don't

SpawnUniverse says:

Hi Zack. Is this video focused on "Computer Repair Businesses" only or ALL I.T. businesses? You talked about I.T. businesses in general then suddenly throw in an example related to computer repairs. An I.T. business can be making revenue of websites, youtube, writing apps, etc. Anything connected to entrepreneurship and some kind of technology can be considered as an I.T. business.

You basically said that a collage student cant expect to build an successful company after getting a degree(without loads of experience). Again… is this only focused on the repair industry? What is a better mentality? To go to collage and study to go and work for someone or to study with the mindset to start your own company. You will do better in collage this way because you know where you are going. I have seen it this semester.

Something that I feel people lack in today's world is entrepreneurship and you discouraged it in this video. If your business is unique and needed by the industry and provides the service/product with quality and value, why wouldn't it be successful. You can start with a small company and this way gain experience way faster than someone who is working for someone else. The key is to know how to run a business. It also means nothing if you know "everything about IT" and you don't know how to run a business. The result will be the same either way. If you provide the same service/product as a very successful company of course the company is not going to show growth.

If I have a wrong perception please correct me, but this is how I see it. I know I have way less experience than you and I am not trying to sound smart or anything. It makes sense what you are saying but I think there is a lot more to it than just this. I would like to learn more about this topic. Thanks for bringing this up and making the video.

Kind Regards

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