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How to start a successful cell phone repair business series. Part 1

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I hope you guys enjoy this series. Please if you know anyone who wants to start a cell phone repair business to share this video.
iPhone spare parts supplier: https://www.etradesupply.com/?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf

If I get enough thumbs down I will just cancel this series but I hope that you guys enjoy I need the thumbs up to keep me motivated LOL.

The goal of the series is to inspire others to become independent and successful in their own lives. I hope I motivate many people to start their own business. I’ve been called many times over the years and thank you my other shop owners for helping them start a business.

This series will focus on how to start a proper business but it will not focus on repairs.


Ferox Joltis says:

Well done for not gambling for 6 months 😁

Maxim Petrov says:

interesting points ,if anyone else  wants to uncover
learn to repair electronics
 try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

AbdiRahman Mohamed says:

Hi, thank you for this great video. May I please get your email I want to ask some questions regarding how to start a cell phone repair company.

TheGhazeee says:

thanks for sharing info. and actual problems.

TourKro says:

thanks a lot.

Jared Emmanuel Ganesan says:

You have certainly inspired me! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

ThisGuyPlaysGuitar says:

lovely backdrop. decent beard. subscribed.

Trinh masoihuuan says:

very value information ! thank you.

Giovanni Troiano says:

Is the business of repairing cell phones, mostly Iphones going away because the parts are becoming too expensive to purchase?

A. JAZ says:

please put the english subtitles or frensh too if you can….Otherwise go ahead Thanks. Perhaps You may begen with the all necessary gear for repairing phones

Shaadai Patton says:

I love your videos. My husband is trying hard to get a business started and we use your information to get us started. we live in Vegas and the market is saturated already.

Alien Fix says:

This is sad. The first video that you made about helping people to start their own cellphone repair business was really good and it helped me a lot. Now you look like this business is not working out for you. Where is your shop? Are you saying that people prefer mobile business? Because i dont think so. This video is just sad.

ChrisGoesPewPew says:

Can you make a video on repairing a baseband causing the error (-1) on iTunes restore?

Hameed Cole says:

Absolutely brilliant ideas for someone like me,who is seriously flirting with the idea of starting the cell phone repair business.I've got all the necessary tools,I just need to practice…I'm an electronics Technician with Digital and Analogue background and can troubleshoot to component level..Thanx for the video Dustin👍🏿👌🏿

megatron3210 says:

wat do you think about the automated machines bubble remover, freezing machines etchow good and necessary are they

megatron3210 says:

very informative appreciate it looking out for part 2 3 n 4…

Xpert2021 says:

Great video. I started a small shop in December and it is doing ok but I definitely need some tips. Thank u very much

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