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How to solve the forgotten password for iPhone/iPad (Disabled mode)

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Works 100%
How to solve the forgotten password for iPhone/iPad (Disabled mode)

If your device is not recoginzed, or it disconnect during the process.. Then try to follow the below instuctions that was posted by one of the viewers: (Vanessa Guvera):

Really helpful thank you Noticed that most people were having problems with the iPad disconnecting with the laptop and showing some unexplainable errors but just reconnect your iPad to the computer over and over again by pressing the home button and the top at the same time on your ipad and press exit on the error message you received on your computer the process will not restart it will continue from where it last was Hope this helps cause that’s what did on mine


Tide Pods says:

Um the holding on home button takes a lon time

Trince Pauler says:

Can someone help me how to unlock the icloud of my ipad..

PoLLon wae says:

Why did me crappy friend had to disable my ipaf

Arty Koala says:

Man you are a genius , thank you šŸ™šŸ™

Peter pik says:

Er de pƄ appl

Ralf Kirt says:

it worked but im on ios 5 should i jailbreak or not

mughal abdul majeed says:

My Ipad is locked coz of multiple try of wrong password. So, now i cant open screen. I have tried the same as you advised in this video but it does not work. apple i cone appeared and itunes icon and further is nothjing. I mean after showing itunes icon no any further downloading or any kind of sign. Please advise further.

Dan Tdm says:

It works yes

ella ternus says:

thank you so much


Does it have to be apple computer

Shakeel Ahmed says:



HI thank you it work but on the iTunes is not taking the password is said is wrong. What can I do …thank you

Ugohigh says:


Mexico Likes Tacos says:

This doesnt work, my ipad just shuts down when i press the home button and shut down button. Then the apple logo appears and it takes me back to the disabled page.PLEASE HELP!

Hasan Koc says:

i m so happy now

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