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How To Solve “No Display” or “Black Screen” Problem On iPad (iPad Mini)

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After using iPad Mini 2 for over 2 days I come across the display problem. To repair the iPad Mini 2 it costs more. The above method demonstrated in the video works well and you will not find any problem again.

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Swetha Anne says:

thank god !! it worked !! Thanks for u thank u so much 🙌

Kawaii Squishy Films says:

thank youuuu

torerro majors says:

Thank you brother you really helped me out with my problem

ahazrauf boss says:

You are best apple fixer i fix my ipad right away

C Ø Ø K I Ee says:

Thanks! I thought my Ipad Pro was dead! 0.0

Sakura says:

well the fucking solution that i was searching for is that my ipad wont charge or turn on i tried to hard reset it but it just wont work.

AbbieGamesYT says:

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I own a iPad Air 2 and it suddenly stopped working so I tried turning it on and it did t work so then I held the home button and it activated Siri and I was so confused then I started looking for tutorials on YouTube through my iPhone 7 then I found this and tried what you did and it worked! Thank you so much!!!!!

rut mistry says:

yaaa..i am try this technic in my ipad mini and i do the power button and home button same position to press and my ipad is start and i very happy…..

Arima Rizaldy says:

Suwon cok, isok eh

Edward Capacite says:

It worked. Thank you very very much, Vivek

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