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How To Run A Successful Cell Phone Repair Business

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Join Me (Isaac Gradeless) as we take a look at our store setup here at GearVana Cell Phone Repair. This Is our NEW STORE we just opened!!!

Link for Class Training: https://www.cellphonerepairacademy.com/

Links for great place to purchase screens from:





facebook: www.facebook.com/gearvanarepair

Instagram: @gearvanarepair

Twitter: @gearvanarepair


PLEASE CONTACT ME : gearvanarepair@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Yohalmo Sandoval says:

Nice video. I do see the reception area quite big and nice but it has left little space for the tecnicians to work in. The tech area looks a little tight. I have a small shop myself and I always wish for bigger work area. Saludos SV.

Bahzad23 says:

Is it profitable to open one and have somebody run it for me?

Geek On Call Computer Repair says:

how to do with marketing for a new cell phone repair store.

Xavier Stark says:

Great video. I have a small store in New York but I want to be able to sell SIM cards and contracts from different carries. Do you know how I should do it or what company can I ask for? Thanks.

Jose Ramirez says:

looks like a penitentiary

Hameed Cole says:

Great inspirational video.. Where did you get your workstation bench from? I’m learning to
Fix phones from home and my neck is killing me as the bench Im using is way to short for me.. Thanx

Pancho12095 says:

To start a business like this,how much would be a good budget to start with??

VaiGo says:

well done mate

Lil Mark says:

What is the address because I wanna go their

ApexRacer GT3 says:

Awesome video!!! Looking forward to more great videos. Subscribed!!!!!

Tony Stonee says:

he sounds like a girl..cant watch

Tomas Beltran says:

I run profitable online advertising for cellphone repair shops. Let me know if anyone is interested to chat.

muzzamil masood says:

How long did it take you to become a tech? Can I take a class and open my own shop with that kind of only class experience? Thanks

Jason PhoneFix says:

honestly ,i also hope i can own this skill then i can provide the better service to my clients, for now ,i just can share our professional repair tools ,of course, i ordered from china, they sold it in amazon and also has his own web( http://www.vipfixphone.com), i am so lucky to know that guys

Rodger Ranger says:

hey man im from Nyc im 23 and ive been fixing iphones for over a year , its been very lucrative i get anywhere from 5-10 customers a week and i dont own a shop . i need more advice because this is legit what i see in my future. i have no mentors just buyers and sellers who have been consitent when it comes to getting supplies . would love some more advice ! this is literally my dream . Ps fixing the back peice of the iphone 8 is a Bitch!

Guillermo Orozco says:

What equipment do I need if I'm just starting a business from home ? and where do I get the best equipment for best price ?

Guillermo Orozco says:

great video, thanks Isaac

Cellular Mekanix says:

Hey, I see you are going to start refurbing screens. We tried that last year…went to a refurb "class" to learn. Got all of the equipment. What I found was that it is a lot more difficult than you would imagine. If you don't have the time to do the process yourself, employees just don't care enough to worry about breaking LCDs in the process (and a ton will get broken when you first start). You have to be willing to perfect the process yourself before you have anyone else do it. That being said, with having three different locations I ended up not having the time to put in enough effort to perfect the craft so all of my equipment is sitting on the shelf collecting dust. So if you still haven't purchased equipment and still want to get into refurbing, let me know, I have equipment I will sell.

bee bop says:

can you tell me where to start.. from start to finish please

carlos bonilla says:

Im based out in California, what vendors would you recommended

Mike Petraglia says:

Great Stuff ! Thanks

John Cassidy says:

Can you make a video on where you get your iPhone battery’s from

Jose Luna says:

hi I like the windows where do you get it

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