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Today we are showing you the correct way to replace the glass, or lens, on our Galaxy S3. This video applies to all types of smartphones including the S4, Note, Note 2, iPhone, and varying others. The reason we say “correct way” is because we are bonding the lcd and lens together in the same way as they would at the factory. Not bonding the screen with this method could lead to a lot of touch issues; for example- screen becoming unresponsive or un-calibrated.

-Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive
-Smartphone lens replacement

-Deck of cards
-Heat gun
-Small screw driver

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The DIY rep in this video is Ally.

FTC Disclaimer:
All products mentioned were purchased by us. None of the companies mentioned are paying us for this video. All opinions are our own.

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Pablo P says:

+everythingdiy Hello! I have a question. I need to replace a screen on my
galaxy s3, and I bought a replacement a few days ago. The kit came with the
replacement screen, the tools to remove them, and also an adhesive take in
the shape of the screen. My question is, do I need that glue you used in
the video? Or is the screen shaped adhesive enough to keep the screen in
place? Thank you!

Pablo P says:

If you’re going to add glue to the screen, be sure to add some on the
sides. If there isn’t enough, it won’t spread well to the sides of the
screen and you’ll get a large bubble gap. 

Feliciano Fuentés says:

A girl that can fix her own phone…that’s awesome! 

Thumb Star says:

nice video. Advanced way, if anyone is interested, is actually extract the
AMOLED LCD out of the bezel and bond it to new glass using an alignment
mold or spare scrap bezel. Bonding glue with AMOLED in the housing will
having extra uncured glue still residing in the device.

shane mark says:

Thanks this video helped me fix my phone screen 

Amied AmiedShaibi says:

Could you repair mine? I will pay for labor fee and uv glue. I’m impatient
heavy handed and don’t trust myself. Any help please. Glass not shattered
just cracked. Thanks. 

ericou812 says:

hi hunny,can you replace the screen on my galaxy s4 mini for me? hee hee

Christiaan Ellis says:

did not have to remove motherboard

james hagans says:

Seeping over the next few days is normal lol. NO its not. That’s why your
supposed to use a UV light the sun dosnt cure the UV loca. The clue is in
the name 

Maksim Muruev says:

What kind of glue are you use??

James Liebherr says:

You should have heated ir real good then you would not have to had so long

Big Stubby says:

hi, i dont have a heat gun and it costs a hundred plus in euros. would
like to ask if i can also use a regular hair dryer instead. thanks!

James Rambo says:

What type of glue was that

Luka Megurine says:

As she was heating the adhesive beneath the glass, I thought of something;
when your phone heats up/overheats, is there a chance it too, loosens the
glue beneath the screen?

MrCrazyboyravi says:

you are genious

Quentin Adams says:

Nice tutorial, but may I suggest for the novice or first time screen
repairer, instead of using the liquid glue, which is hard to guess the
correct amount, as you mentioned about seepage, (this should never happen
if done correctly) many online parts suppliers offer the cut to fit
adhesive strips, just as strong, easier to use, and prevents the seepage
mentioned, which can later damage your mainboard and or connectors

Newman Ireland says:

Great how to video. Q. what kind of adhesive did you use? Someone asked
the same question but I didn’t see a reply. Finally, did you order the
glass online, if so, what site? Thank you. 

Nayana Rajapaksha says:

I don’t believe you should expose any kind of display to the sunlight more
than few minutes :)

Ezel Belaid says:

Thanks VM

Robert Nastase says:

is there a way to remove the glass without breaking it?? i have a
figerprint on the inner side of it and i want to remove the glass, clean it
and than put it back in one piece. the glass is not cracked or something

Smiley Ari says:

You said within a few days you will have some leakage and that its normal.
Vut wont that mess up the buttons and all the other parts that make it

Xhemal Eli Vata says:

i’m gonna marry you

manicjupiterflute says:

I got my s3 screen replaced by a professional service. How long will it
take for the glue to completely dry? The bottom of the phone below the home
button is leaking a little bit. 

hing983 says:

How much glue or ML of glue apply on screen

Jordan Morgado says:

not to be a bummer on your methods but u should remove the screen from the
body. the glue needs direct UV to cure, and since glue is seeping into the
phone that glue will not cure since it never sees light. also for anyone
wondering why she has removed the motherboard is because you don’t want
glue seeping back onto it, however since she will still have wet glue in
there she has high chances of seepage. also by doing it in the phone you
have sealed it more then needed making it much harder to remove in the
event that the screen has cracked again. this may also cause a stuck home
key. well i always love a good diy this is definently something you either
need to do properly or have a pro do it no shortcuts can be taken. once
again im not trying to put you down and by all means if you got lucky and
it worked for you thats fantastic you saved alot of money. 

rowansley snel says:

I need u help!!! I have a note 3 clone (my screen is cracked). the format
is the same as the original note 3. Can I put the original glass on the
clone with your methode??
Please help me Please!

Al Kirkman says:

Great video! Using the playing card is vital however. If you try to use
anything hard to pull the glass away you’ll most likely break the
“digitizer” underneath. This has happened to a lot of people who have
attempted this fix. This costs hundreds to replace so using the playing
card and being patient is really important. I did mine with a hairdryer, it
can be done but it takes a lot longer so be really patient.

A.W. Shawqy says:

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood on you

Jack Yu says:

She pretty

Jule Dunham says:

Is it really necessary to disassemble the back of the phone after removing
the back cover (other than the battery)? I saw another video and he did not
do that and repaired the phone successfully.

Ayhan As says:

Actually i was first on how to repair the phone…but i couldn´t watch it
carefully how you did it….beacuse had to watch you the whole time:-)
you are such a dreamgirl..w o w so pretty. could fall in love within 9:28
have fun!


Could you please tell me what do you used to removed the old glue off the
screen? And did you also used glue to place back the bottom screen control
the one are hanging out here 5:04 .Thank you in advance for your time and
please respond soon :)

Eric Elder says:

I have lizzards. Lizzards need UV light. Can UVA or UVB work to cure this
indoors? I have seen people use the UV lights that nail salons use. I am
just not sure if it is A or B. B is shortwave and A is longwave UV. I am
not sure if it matters for curing. If setting in the sun works, you are
actually getting both A & B.

mrBDeye says:

The adhesive is suppose to be cured with UV light. 

Jesus Sanchez says:

to stick the glass with UV glue is not necessary to put to dry under UV
light? tanks

Rhonda Fox Jones says:

Great video and super instructions! I need to replace mine and have been
putting off since the crack is not in my way. When I see you all removing
the glue and going thru all that heating process, that looks like the hard
part. I have seen a hair dryer used. I am afraid I might overheat it or
damage it but being a computer tech, I’m willing to give it a try.
Thx for the very helpful and clear video:)

Kateřina Ochmanová says:

what kind of glue is that?

sonicdode says:

hey i used fishing rope for my s4 between glass thats makes rasy
that doesint work for s3 glass comes of peace by peace

Elfira Wahono says:

is there any dust stuck between the glass and the lcd???

manicjupiterflute says:

All these perverts making comments on how hot this girl is…go get
laid…I mean yah she’s hot but she’s teaching you how to fix a phone,
she’s not teaching you how to hit her g spot or something.

Debbie Eom says:

i need help! my phone’s screen is all black since I dropped it and there
are some little cracks on the screen. In this case, which one is broken?
screen or lcd?

Tubby Custard says:

Do you have any tips for the Nokia 1020? Is it possible to replace the
glass only?

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