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How to Replace & Fix a Broken iPad Screen

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I take a “crack” at replacing a shattered iPad screen. I show you the steps involved to get your iPad looking like new. It’s quite amazing really. I don’t feel like this should even be possible.


Sean Buchanan says:

Thanks for posting this – it helped reduce my nerves a ton! A few cautions for your audience – I have an iPad Air (v1 – model 1474) and my connecting cables were on bottom right. Also, I recommend wearing protective eye wear – many of the glass screen shards can scatter as you pry.

lisa jane says:

I ordered a screen repair kit & it came without instructions, so I decided to try your video as it seemed the most straight forward of the couple that I started watching. But you forgot to include the step of disconnecting the battery. I fried my iPad & now it won't work. Next time you try to make a video like this, please include all the instructions. It's an expensive mistake.

Alexis McClellan says:

how much will u cost me to get my tablet fixed by u

Alex Fierro says:

My whole screen is legit cracked open.

Isaiah Glass says:

Lol I am watching this on my IPad 4 and it is white and broken. The irony.

Alexis Shafira says:


How are you

Jose Romero says:

My tablet is cracked my name is Christopher

Random hub fetus 11 says:

Wow my iPad is good as new thx for helping me

I Am Edz says:

His data and game scores got erase

iicandysweet Bloxburg says:

I actually sat on my ipad and it cracked lol!

Shadow Lee says:

i bought a ipad 2 touch screen from Aliexpress to replace my broken ipad 2 . it is cheap with good quality. Now my ipad work well and i can use it again. happy

Tom Kirk says:

Why take the lcd off? Is this a necessary step?

Jöns Joelsson says:

This is the best video on glass replacement. You say exactly what I was thinking the first time. Great job!

Rukudzokunashe Chamboko says:

Plz leave a link to products

Mungadungalis says:

I'll give ya fifty bucks to do mine!

TenBarbecue5950 says:

I'm just going to pay a professional to replace it

Unicorn Puff says:

0:06 yea no not dropped STEPPED on it yes I stepped on my iPad with no shoes or socks 😕

Unicorn Puff says:

Omg I never clicked on a video that fast in my life the iPad in the thumbnail looks like mine like a lot

Kittykat13 says:

Where did u get this kit telllll meeee mannnnnnnnnnnnn

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