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How to Replace Digitizer Glass Screen on iPad Mini or Repair cracked iPad mini

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This video will guide you step-by-step how to replace a digitizer glass on an iPad mini
enjoy try it out and good luck!


sparkyuiop says:

Is it me or have you soldered the digitizer ribbon on back to front?

Ag lover7 says:

My sister pushed me it dropped but it only has 1 tiny scratch and I’m

Rosie Curtis says:

If you do it incorrectly is there a chance it could be damaged permanently?

david glasgow says:

probably one of the worst de-soldering/soldering work i have seen in a long

Luke Viggiano says:

I cracked my iPad mini, do u live in New York? If so maybe you could fix it
for me for 80$

Abraham Arellano says:

I accidentally hit my knee on the I
And dropped it and it has a crack on the bottom left and a big crack on the
top left and small lines crack across the screen and the top left is
pushing the screens down so what do I do

Enal grenade says:

Thanks for the video.
I’ve so many time hearing this music at the CRACK software xD lol

Luis Fernando Jimenez says:

What about the magnets on the top and bottom of the digitizer? I didn’t
see any in your video.

Lewis Anders says:

hands in way disconnecting wires :-(

sk8er4lifeez says:

Love how u used a keygen track on your video.

My Luong says:

Is that if my ipad, THE lcd SCReen in side have craked. So if i do that it
will be change to a new.

rocky marciano says:

Good vid but please don’t use this music again so annoying

Brian Everitt says:

Good job lol.


Right… This looks much more difficult than it needs to be… Im scared to
rip apart $500 dollars and hope it works after I’m done… Better than
apple charging me $219 i guess idk

Austin Satoskar says:

Also, where did you get your adhesive tape..?

Chris Watts says:

Pro tip: check it works before you secure it with adhesive.

Emily Nguyen says:

Yah can you fix mine my parents are gonna kill me please

faraz ahmed says:

nice good working i try this thnxx 

Austin Satoskar says:

I’m a little afraid of removing the LCD any tips to do it safetly? I have
to repair 2 of these this weekend. I’ve done tons of iPhones and iPods but
they have less glue.. And the glue scares me

notme215 says:

I did not really get that but don’t think im Stupid BECUS I’m only 10 and I
want to fix my ipad because my dad did not get this for shit

Michael Nguyen says:

What is that stick tool you’re using???

Soul says:

A freind pushed me back with her foot her foot got caught on my headphones,
and my ipad mini slammed into the ground, toughly scratched corners, 2
screen cracks, luckily, easily fixable

Richard Lustemberg says:

Great video but I wouldn’t advise to anyone without superb soldering
skills. Better get the one with the home button and the connector attached,
IMHO. The connector and the screen cable are not meant to be hand soldered.

airaly says:

can you please tell me all the materials you used to desolder and solder
back all the parts from the I pad, I would really appreciate it, and thank

arman azam says:

i have a question – at 7:04 you are soldering but i dont see any solder?
where do you put the solder to attach the cable? thank you so much

Tom Kempster says:

What type of soldering iron are you using and what solder?

Joshua Sadler says:

You are a beast/the man/amazing, sir! At some point, I was just watching to
admire your skill! Way to go, man; and thank you for the tutorial!

Richard Cabrera says:

Hey come fix my

jhen vajda says:

Hi i bought my ipad mini last december 2013 unfortunately my son broke the
glass. Do i have to buy the digitizer glass replacement only or should i
buy with IC i have no idea what is IC :(

Alistair Green says:

If you try to turn on your Ipad after finishing and it doen’t work don’t
worry just do a hard reset ie press home button and power for 7 secs and it
will start.

HollidayJ says:

where do you get the tape from to restick the glass back to the housing?

Aharon McGhee says:

Please can you fix my ipad mini screen??

Jean Rikkie says:

great tut and music ! Love that MSX video games sound 🙂

screen without IC is about 20 euro, with IC about 60 to 70 euro (easy to
replace, click and connect). The soldering makes it more difficult and
expensive though, that for me is my next challenge :-)

Danielle Hunte says:

If I give you the screen and the materials, How much will you charge me? I
live in Brooklyn, Ny.

Alyssa Aisyah Auslan says:

My parents are gonna kill me

SAHBfan says:

I wish I’d seen this video before I bought my replacement screen…. not
after. I would have just paid the money and sent it to Apple ^_^

Good video – but not a fun job to do …

Bob Sights says:

Your music sucks!!!

Joseph Kay says:

This is how you tear one up

rlar27 says:

What aligns and holds the digitizer connector to the board?

JohnnieHasCupquake says:

How much will it cost to JUST REPLACE FRONT GLASS it’s scratched I don’t
like it scratched (I hav a ipad 2)

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