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How to Replace Cracked iPhone LCD Screen | Fix Cracked Digitizer iPhone 6 Plus

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How to Fix Cracked iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen Glass Digitizer in Easy Steps.
DIY instructions:
Things you need to open – http://amzn.to/1NWYWWa
P5 star Pentalobe Screwdriver
Phillips #0 Screwdriver
Straight Screwdriver
Pry Tools
Suction Cup

OEM White LCD Display Touch Digitizer Screen Assembly Replacement for iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″ Model A1522 / A1524 –
LINK: http://amzn.to/1R9ooGM
LINK: http://amzn.to/1oZSFks

5.5 Inch Iphone 6 Plus White Front Outer Lens Glass Screen Replacement CrazyFire? Repair Kit Include Screen Lens Glass+1MM Adhesive Tape+Tools Kit+1 Pair Tweezers+1 Roll Gold Wire Screen Seperator – LINK: http://amzn.to/1LI4PJb

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Ugiloy Nigmatjonova says:

From where can i buy new screen

Cisco dagreat says:

thanks bro

The stoners palace says:

how long did this take you? (without cutting the video up)

chinu singh says:

best screen replacement video bro… just loved it…

CYPHXRRZ _ says:

On my iPhone it's got a hairline crack on the inside and the screen doesn't respond to touch I using my iPhone 5s for now til my iPhone comes back from repair

EkaeteB. says:

Such a helpful, precise video! I had no issues with the audio, people should turn their audio up lol. But I was just wondering, my iPhone 6s plus, lcd and glass screen are broken. It has the lines and black spots on the screen and the touch sensitivity is a little off but it still works. Would Apple be able to fix it? I I really don't want to have to buy a replacement phone! Thanks in advance if you manage to see this!

The Three Cousin Vloggers! says:

I'm just gonna go to at&t and ask them to repair it easier

Aurora Plancarte says:

Very nice… don't think I can do it, but u make it look easy. Thank you for sharing

Angela Adames says:

can you still fix your iphone , if the inside of the screen is cracked

arilla burks says:

hey can u fix my phone

JSJ Johnson says:

It's the best way to replace my cracked screen to the replacement one so the next time when it's fixed I need a armor case to protect it.

Shay ! says:

This video is seriously awesome ! But i did all the steps and i connected the last four of the connectors and i was going to put the plate on and it was really really hot like i couldnt even touch it..do you know what that could be???

vanessa telles says:

my iphone 6 wont turn on is it it the screen or the LCD or both?

Noah Wright says:

My phone doesn't even turn on and i did everything how come ?

Andrew Pansanouk says:

Where did you order your screen from ??

Elizabeth E says:

thank you, but I wish you would show placing the camera part back in more slowly.. so if my phone has lines and color, but my touchscreen works, do I order lcd replacement? but they are all saying lcd in the title, then in the details, they say "lcd not included".. I am trying to find the part on amazon or ebay and I am having a hard time finding the right product.. please help me :(

Michelle Genestal says:

Hi! my iphone 6s cracked and it doesn't turn on 🙁 great video btw!

Kimberly Cortes says:

Is the screen that you're using in the video to replace the cracked screen the same screen that is listed on the link I've been looking on what screen to buy but I read reviews about it not fitting properly or popping off I'm afraid to buy it?

Sadie Brown says:

Well i swear I did everything right and it won't turn on

Sadie Brown says:

Ughh why am I finding it difficult to take the damn screws out of that metal plate ? It's like it won't budge :(

Carlos Figueroa says:

Thanks for the great video sir, I have a question, does the 3D touch still work with this new display?

Richard Castro says:

Were can I get the new screen at .threw amazon or wat

Katiria Soto (Kathy) says:

I watched another video and they did it detailed step by step differently. They took out pieces that your video takes out as one. For example the ear piece and camera, taking it out your way doesn't affect any function? Like can your hear good and it turns off when you make a call?

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