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How To Replace a Cracked Smartphone Screen!

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Enter the giveaway contest: http://tested.com/ifixitcontest
Samsung Digitizer and Screen Replacement: http://j.mp/1pVGTr4
iFixit Pro Toolkit: http://j.mp/1ygJ6Af
iFixit Pro Screwdriver Set: http://j.mp/1FO2B20
iFixit Magnetic Project Mat: http://j.mp/1CGFlH5

How many of you have ever dropped and cracked your smartphone? For some phones, the process of replacing a shattered display isn’t as daunting as your might think. Will walks through the repair of a broken Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, using iFixit tools and explaining each step along the way. Follow along the teardown and reassembly!


Rye Cribby Tree says:

Anyone else tense up when he was removing the USB board? 

butre jp says:

green loctite is just like blue loctite except for when you’re screwing
into plastic.

John Ridley says:

Trying to enter – it says like on facebook OR follow on twitter. I don’t do
facebook and I’m already following Tested on Twitter. When I try to enter
it just takes me to a Facebook login page. I cancel out of that and it
just dies. How do I register?

Oh, and where was that promised way for already-Premium members to get a
copy of the Mecha-hand poster? I never saw that.

Alex Wohlbruck says:

Is it possible to only replace the glass? Everything else works but the
glass is cracked.

tony Pettersen says:

any idea why the touchscreen can become unresponsive after a front glass
goes away if i just lock and unlock the phone

David Clunie says:

There are more than just two kinds of loctite and the various formulas
(243, 249, etc.)

Low Strength – Purple
Medium Strength – Blue
Medium/High Strength – Green
High Strength – Red
High Strength – Black

Christopher Francis says:

Are you guys still giving out IFixIt

MorphiusX says:

Awww U.S Citizens Only BOOOOO lol 

Sebastián Asegurado says:

Make the contest worldwide please. I’m a big fan of this channel from

Aicha Van steen van egten says:

Its not “removing the screen from the phone” its removing the phone from
the screen ;)

hed420 says:

$229.00 for a new screen. 🙁 I think I saw a used S4 for $300.00 online.
If I win the contest can I get the screen instead of the of screwdrivers
and project mat?

Matte Edström says:

LOL, “not alot of force” … and keep throwing the phone all around becuase
of force!

JrIcify says:

I’m so jealous of all of your tools and equipment. Whenever I’m doing
something with electronics I always have to bring tools way outside their
spec or improvise household objects into tools.

David Foster | ShowCast Tech says:


Gordon Chin says:

How did you keep dirt from your filthy body out from under the glass?

Noob Gamer says:

Its not the screen its the touch screen

EX7RUD1CON says:

It won’t let me post comments or see them on the mobile app

LaAttiDah says:

has anyone tried to replace a nexus 7 screen??? Mine has a perfect hole in
the screen from my Ear phone jack…. of is it cheaper to buy a new one?

Marcus Christensen says:

If the screen isnt broken and only the glass is dont do what he did, just
replace the glass.

Justous says:

I need one of those repair boards big enough for a computer.

Christian Steinlein says:

Thanks for this video. I have to do exact same to my wife’s phone which is
the same brand and model.

Chris S. says:

I drop my iphone and the thing shatters in a million pieces but i drop my
$29 cheap smartphone multiple times and the screen is perfectly intact.
Someone please explain this to me..

Tracey Pierre says:

Can you please fix my phone I’m worried I’ll mess up my phone by doing this
I could send my phone to you on Amazon or whatever just please respond to
this comment

_ askdaxbox _ says:

Would this also work on tablets?

B.A. Brown says:

Great walkthrough. I love iFixit and their detailed tear-downs. I have used
them several times to fix broken phones.

Hobypyrocom says:

dont buy new phone or send it for repair for $200-400, just go buy tools
for $200 and buy new screen for $150, try to repair it by yourself, throw
it in a garbage and go buy new phone, really great tutorial 🙂 shows why
repair shops still exist

Sam Henry says:
Dunestorm says:

I GUARANTEE you that if this was an iPhone, the Samsung fan-boys would be
all over it. I hate retards…

Jim Williams says:

That was so boring me and my fiancé passed out on the couch till 2.30 in
the morning. Don’t do that again.

Shinn Chyang CHEN says:

One great tip for cracked smartphone screen, tape the front screen with
heavy duty tape. It can be very dangerous when the screen starts to get
into pieces.

D Shr says:

are you serious its 230 bucks.
I’ve seen people fix it for 200.

Landrew0 says:

Thanks for showing me that I’d never ever want to do this.

Stephen Croot says:

Seriously… Would you let Will fix anything you own?

PRT1T0 says:

Will average iPhone user, removing battery; “that was easy” xD

xnamkcor X says:

The fact that over 200 USD is “not expensive” compared to the price of the
phone is one of the reasons I’d never pay more than 100 for a phone or 200
for a tablet.

HenryN7 says:

Im the 500th like! 😀

Also im fixing my phone now lol.

Harry Krek says:

you need to clean the loctite off so that it will set

Spacemonkeymojo says:

Fix a computer that you have submerged into a bathtub, but without
replacing any of the components. 

litaa chang says:

Nice vid
I had some remarks on the camera work though. Couldn’t really see what you
were pointing at. Maybe some sort of zooming setup under which you put the
object to point things out would be nice.
Thanks i enjoyed it. :)

James Titus says:

The hand funk is why you always bring isopropyl, napkins, and q-tips to one
of these. [sideshowbobeuugh.wav]

mattymatt2323 says:

Fuck that, give it to the asians to do

foles023 says:

$130 and a local shop swapped out my wife’s front glass in less than 2 hrs.
She learned a $50 dollar case is the way to go.

Got an Otter box on mine, I found out it works great, because I left it on
the roof of my truck and drove off. I thought about it .5 miles down the
road, turned around, and found it laying in the street in the front of my
neighborhood. Otter box looks ugly now but my phone had no damage.

Anon Mason says:

Test if cell phones carry more germs than your kitchen sponge.

Andrew's Theories says:

Yeah dont do this if you do not know what you are doing. Pay the extra cash
and have it fixed by the company. Most people dont know what the hell they
are doing and will mess up the phone and cause it to malfunction or other
crap like over heat.

ELITERHINO 360 says:

can you repair a ps vita screen cause mine has broke and i want to fix it

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